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3 Tips That Will Help You Save Money When Buying A New Mattress

Getting a good night sleep is very important if you want to feel rested and refreshed each morning. A good night sleep will help you perform better at work and have more energy for your personal activities and hobbies during the day. We spend around 1/3 of our lives sleeping and it’s important to find a comfortable mattress. However, when you start shopping for a new mattress, you’ll notice that prices range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. And it is difficult to determine if the expensive mattresses are worth the money. The good news is that there are several well-known companies that sell quality mattresses at an affordable price. The best part is that, you can buy your mattress online and have it delivered to your home via a currier.

Here are 3 tips that will save you money when shopping for a new mattress:

Buy a mattress when it’s on sale

Companies often organize sales and promotions during holiday periods, such as: Christmas, Easter, Boxing Day, Black Friday, as well as some off-season periods. Make sure you check their official website regularly, to see if there is a sale. Usually you can save between 15%-30% off the regular price! Also, a good idea is to sign up for their newsletter, so you are first notified about new sales and promotions.

Pick a mattress with 100-night trial

It has become a common business practice for mattress companies to offer 100 night trial. This means that once you purchase the mattress you have 100 nights to sleep on it at home, and if for some reason you’re not satisfied you can return it and get a full refund. This is a great convenience, because getting used to a new mattress can take a few weeks, and here you’re give a period of up to 100 night to really determine if it’s truly comfortable or not for you. So, you’ll be 100% sure of your purchase, and won’t feel disappointed in the future and won’t have to waste time and money purchasing a new mattress. There are several comparison websites, such as: top10mattressinabox.co.uk, which list the best mattresses sold in the UK with free home trials.

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Pick a mattress with free delivery and returns

Make sure you choose a mattress company that offers free delivery, so you don’t incur any extra charges for the shipping. Also, if the mattress comes with 100-night trial, make sure you check if there are any additional charges if you decide to return it. Usually you’ll be able to find a mattress company that offers both free delivery and returns, saving you any extra fees.

Other things to consider when buying a mattress: check how long is the warranty (it can range between 5-10 years), check where the mattress is manufactured, and what are the customer reviews (which are usually published on their website or TrustPilot). Don’t forget to shop around, and to spend one to two weeks researching this purchase, since you’ll be investing in a comfortable sleep for many years to come.

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