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3 Christmas Ideas for Tech Lovers

Christmas is almost here and it’s nearly time to begin considering what we’ll be gifting our friends and loved ones.

Quite often, technology aficionados can be quite difficult to buy gifts for especially if you’re not tech-savvy yourself. To help provide some inspiration, we decided to list our three of our favourite gadgets in 2019

R2 D2 Printer

To be honest, I had expected 3D printers to be ubiquitous by now. Unfortunately, they have not yet lived up to their early promise due to most printers being so expensive and bulky. However, in recent years, we have begun to see printers shrink both in size and price as the technology has improved. There is no better time for technology lovers to get involved in the world of 3D printers.

The 3D printer that offers the best combination of value and price is the Robo R2D2. It’s designed to fit nicely on bedroom desk and measures 16x16x23 inches. Despite its fairly compact size, it can print models 8x8x10 inches in size at a speed of 16mm^3 per second. Furthermore, the R2D2 has a quality and accuracy far superior to the majority of its peers and can produce fairly complex designs in high detail.

This printer is perfect for anyone who is new to the world of 3D printing but is serious enough to jump in feet first.

Dynavap M 2019 UK

Over the last ten years, vaporizers have been saving lives by helping millions of quit smoking. Manufacturers have responded to the popularity of dry herb vaporizers by creating models that are more technologically advanced than ever. Out of all the brands, Dynavap has the best reputation for creating some of the most innovative manual vaporizers.

Their latest model, the Dynavap M 2019 hit UK stores last summer to critical acclaim. Unlike the majority of dry herb vaporizers, the Dynavap M is not electric and as such, users do not have to worry about batteries or USB cables.

Despite being a non-electronic vaporizer, the Dynavap M still contains several powerful technological innovations. Most impressive is the VapCap. The ‘VapCap’ sits on the end of your Dynavap and it is where you apply the heat. The cap has been precisely engineered to ‘click’ when the vape’s oven is ready to be inhaled and it’ll click again when it has cooled down. This is useful as it stops users applying to much heat and burning their herbs.

The Dynavap M is the perfect gift for any tech fans who are struggling with giving up smoking. Unlike traditional electronic vaporizers, the Dynavap M provides an experience very similar to a cigarette

Firstly, it measures just 9cm long and is the same shape and size as a cigarette. Secondly, it shares several of the rituals that smokers love, for example, lighting up using a lighter.

Google Titan Security Key Bundle

The more gadgets and software you own, the more likely you’ll eventually be the victim of hacks and scams. As a result, one of the best gifts for a tech lover is the Google Titan Security Key Bundle.

This ‘Key’ takes two-factor authentication to another level by requirings uses to insert the key to the USB slot of a device after you type any password.

Best of all, it works just as well with mobile devices by using Bluetooth connection.

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