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3 Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Gym Lovers

Let’s just agree with the fact that it is nearly impossible to work out to the best of your abilities without your favorite tracks being played alongside. Hence, with that being said, a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds have become another necessity that gym lovers need to take care of.

However, when it comes to the buying process, that is exactly where the real confusion starts as there are hundreds of options available in the market and as a result, we all can get confused on which brand to pick according to our requirements.

So, we decided to help you in the matter and have come with the perfect suggestions that every kind of gym lover would love when going out to buy the perfect pair of Bluetooth earbuds. We have included high-end machines in our list to budgeted ones like the AirBuds Pro and we bet all of them promise to deliver exceptional performance!

Beats Powerbeats 2020

If you are an Apple user and you love your music with heavy bass, then nothing can really beat this Powerbeats model for you. Ever since the acquisition, Apple is making sure that Beats continue to deliver extra comfort and great battery life as well which this pair of Beats deliver.  The best part is that they snugly in your ear, and unlike nearly every other bud you might try, they never knock out no matter what position you are in.

They also come as IPX4 waterproof resistant and with that, you won’t also have to worry about any disturbances in the Bluetooth connectivity.

Jabra Elite 85T

Okay, we would agree that prior to this we have always been a little hesitant of the Jabra products but Elite 85T has made all-out worries go away and that is the reason why it is in this list at the second spot.

They come off as very tiny in the case and if you want to ditch the ear hooks or fins then the 85T fits comfortably and securely, irrespective of whether you have big or small ears. It offers excellent sound quality for both music and calls, and unlike the previous generations of Jabra Elite headphones, you get active noise cancellation with this one.

Also, the company offers a 2 years guarantee on this one so you know you are in greater hands as well!

AirBuds Pro

This is a relatively new entry to the market but ever since these have arrived, they have made sure that nothing comes near to them in the budgeted price category. With AirBuds Pro you get good heavy bass that is essential for a great work out session, crystal clear vocals, active noise cancellation and a good battery life all under the price range of $60.

If you ask us to be honest then it also looks a bit like the Airpods pro and performs like them. So, with this, you are getting a package that no other company has been able to offer as of yet with such quality.

Last but not the least, tell us which one are you going to pick?

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