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10 Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

To be able to carry out their work, NGOs need money, but to get it, they need citizen or business collaboration, both with periodic donations and with donation campaigns. Therefore, the main ways of financing an NGO are the support of companies and the solidarity of the people.

But how do NGOs to get the funding they need and also the help of volunteers who support the cause and get involved wanting to help?. That is where nonprofit Marketing or NGO Marketing takes place.

In non-profit Marketing, we can basically define it as a set of activities for the exchange of services and ideas, which are carried out mainly by non-profit institutions, with the aim of fighting for a social cause that affects citizens.

We analyze some of the marketing practices applied to non-governmental organizations and show you what are some of the 10 tips that we recommend you keep in mind.

1) Appeal to positive emotions

The importance of conveying emotions is vital when communicating the value proposition, especially in non-governmental organizations.

The current of the emotional was changing through the years, previously it was sought to impact the minds of people with a content of sadness and pity; Today it has been shown that communicating positively will achieve better results when looking for private equity fundraising.

2) Storytelling

Thanks to Storytelling, we can deliver the message to the public in an optimal, creative and simple way. The content of the message you want to transmit is very important, because it has to go beyond what a video, images, etc.

You have to be able to connect with the public and make you really feel what you are seeing and hearing, and most importantly, you have to awaken the desire of the observer to want to do something about it, to want to get involved or to want to help you Way in the cause.

3) NGO MIX Marketing

It is possible to face campaigns with the traditional 4p of marketing, but you have to be very cautious and delicate when doing this, many times our “products” are people so you have to be especially careful not to fall into the superficiality.

Here we show you how to apply traditional 4p in NGOs

The product policy: in non-profit organizations two types of products will coexist, one for donors and one for customers. The product or service in this type of organizations includes an intangible component that can be composed of personal satisfaction, well-being, pride, feeling of belonging.

The price: Some organizations charge a price equal to the cost of performing the service covering fixed costs with donors. But the price may also be non-monetary. This can include many more personal things like time, effort, solidarity, prestige, friendship, pride.

Distribution channels: Localization is an important element when it comes to facilitating donations, getting volunteers, generating credibility and showing the interest of the organization to be close to its stakeholders or in strategic places to better develop its activity.

Communication programs: communications will be used both to attract and persuade. It is essential to develop donor loyalty and loyalty as well as motivate them. Advertising is also an essential element in fundraising.

4) Use of Digital Media Channels

NGOs must maintain a flow of information and news that maintains a certain interest in their initiatives, and they must achieve this in the most efficient and economically possible way.

To do this, most NGOs choose to go to social networks to communicate with people who are interested, as well as to encourage people to share and spread their support for the causes they face.

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