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10 Best Website Logos To Learn From

Website logo is an important aspect that affects the brand of a business to a considerable extent. This is a fact that is all the more applicable in the case of online businesses. This is why entrepreneurs – both in the traditional market and online business – should be very careful while designing their logos.

The task of logo creation is often assigned to a professional designer. Logo designers are creative and technical people who help you get the best logo designs. However, services of these professionals come at a cost that is often not very favorable to the budget of small and/or medium-sized companies. In such a situation, companies turn to free apps and websites that can help them with logo creation.

The market, especially online market in present times, is flooded with a large variety of logo design ideas. Each of these logos tries to say something about their brands. Many succeed while many don’t in the task of attracting customers.

Brands, which are not even established yet, can have logos that are perfectly designed and call out the motive of the company effectively, to grab the attention of the viewers and potential customers.

10 Features of Best Logo Designs

Now in the huge plethora of website logo designs, how would you choose some of the best? Well, the process is really simple.

  • Look for simplicity.
  • Look for design that say more with less
  • Look for relevant colors
  • Shapes and contours must be attractive
  • The design should not be confusing
  • Abstract is not always attractive
  • Try to become memorable through simplicity, there is too much complexity in the market already.
  • Look for clear font sizes
  • Blend images and texts in the logo for better understanding
  • Please do not copy others material to avoid legal hassles

The above-mentioned points are some of the basic rules that must be kept in mind at the time of creating a logo. The market in the present times is flooded with a large number of logos. Therefore, in order to stand out in a crowd, you must balance innovation with originality. Your logo must be clear and different so that your logo is not confused with your rival company’s logo.

There are various companies in the market who offer great logo ideas. Some of the companies are

  • Love Simplicity Studio
  • Fubiz
  • Fish Food
  • Shop Wise
  • Love clip
  • The Lucky Ones Brand
  • Tomot
  • Yondr Studio
  • Motion Animation Studio
  • Fence

These companies offer great ideas for a quality company logo. If you look through the logo designs of the mentioned companies, you will notice some common aspect in the logos – simplicity and choice of colors. The basic images and texts used have been kept minimal. The idea is that the logo is a small image that represents your business. It takes up a really small place on your website page. So in this small space, you must express your ideas in a simple and direct manner. Too many words, colors will only make the image clumsy and ineffective. It tends to confuse the people who see it!

A good logo is the one that will state the mission and idea of a business in a simple and direct manner. This is a basic fact that should be kept in mind while creating a logo. The lesser the words, colors and images, the better the logo. The overall image must be clear and sharp in appearance. The internal lines and signs must be sharp and clear so that the entire picture does not look dull and blurred.

These are the aspects that should be kept in mind by both professional designers and free sites and the apps that are used for the task of making such logos. Hence, next time you sit down to design a logo, be clear on the idea that your logo must exhibit to the viewers. It is with this idea that you can create a good logo.

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