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WordPress Form Calculator – Why Choose One To Get The Best Results

WordPress Form Calculator

The best thing about WordPress is that it www. Force Engineering.com offers numerous amazing plugins that are useful in building as well as extending functionality in any kind of a website. WordPress Form Plugin Kennyvs is one such incredible plugin that helps create forms just about instantly.

Do you have to show different cost estimations on your website? Do not worry about it as you can now have access to WordPress Form Calculator. This WordPress Forms Plugin allows you to easily create price or quote estimation forms for your WordPress based site. The cost estimation plugins are beneficial for creating both single as well as complex calculations such as calorie calculators, weight calculators, and general calculators. Make sure you choose the best WordPress Forms Plugin on your website.

Getting To Know More About Ez Form Calculator WordPress Plugin

Ez Form Calculator WordPress plugin enables you to create a cost estimator/calculator for both you and your customers over the Website. You can quickly add some very basic form elements such as radio buttons, drop-down menus, and checkboxes. The users can upload single as well as multiple files and then send them as an email attachment. Users can easily attach a form to their products or just make use of WooCommerce as their payment gateway. Some of the other vital features of using WordPress Form Calculator are as follows:

WordPress Form Calculator Features

Some of the vital features of using Ez WordPress Form Calculator:

  • It offers users with advanced level calculations
  • Provides email notifications
  • Assist you import as well as export forms
  • Generate forms using a visual drag-n-drop editor
  • Easily upload required files
  • Translation ready
  • Comes with PayPal integration
  • Discount offers
  • Visual email handling and a lot more

When you intend to build a customized calculation on your website, opting for the Ez WordPress Form Calculator plugin seems a great choice. The plugin comes with some incredible options that help extend its features with the right use of filters and actions.

Before you opt for this plugin, you have to be certain that the WordPress plugins are fully compatible with the latest version of the WordPress. You can easily make use of this plugin as per your own needs and website requirements.

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