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Winter Is Coming, But Is Your Roof Strong Enough to Handle It?

Snowfall may be beautiful but winter can get pretty harsh, especially in Michigan. The state has experienced a whopping 355.90 inches in the winter of 1978-1979 alone! And Plymouth, Michigan is no exception to terrible snowfalls. This doesn’t only affect the health of its residents, but the roofs of their houses as well.

Inspect Your Roof

An inspection is crucial every time the chilly weather sets in. You can call an expert roofing contractor to inspect and repair, if they discover any damage, but customer queues can get long, especially if the contractor is reputable. So the earlier you can get your roof inspected, the better. But the good news is you can inspect your roof yourself! If you’re not sure where to start, here are some questions to make things easy:

  • Are there holes in the shingles?
  • Are the shingles peeling or is there any noticeable damage?
  • Are there any shingles missing?
  • Do you see any water damage?

Once you notice any damage, don’t wait. Find the right contractor to have your roof repaired right away.

But Where Do I Find The Right One?

Finding the right contractors is both a process of elimination and an exercise of good judgment. We’ve listed four easy steps below to help you.

  1. Go Local.

Avoid companies that are not in your area as they can lead to long timelines and work that’s less reliable.

  1. No Insurance? No, thanks.

Companies that aren’t insured means no coverage if any untoward incidents happen. Most likely, their quality of work isn’t up to par.

  1. Inspect High Priced Deals Twice

Companies that offer higher prices may offer long-term benefits so don’t turn them down so easily. Make sure to ask a quote on the repair, too.

  1. Go For Deadlines

Choose a company who will give you a timeline because they will help you prepare for the harsher seasons. Knowing the time for each stage indicates expertise.

Make sure you also contact your home insurance, if you have one. Depending on the damage, the insurance could cover it depending on your policy. Once you’ve done these steps, ask the contractor for a quote and potential warranties. Now you can have your roofing repair Plymouth Michigan project done without any hiccups. Winter is coming, but your roof is ready.

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