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Why the Egyptian De Joya Apartments are Popular?

In recent years, our lifestyle has completely changed. Day and night, we live through a hectic schedule. Mostly, we do all our work while sitting in front of screens. This has adverse effects on our health. To cure these issues, one needs to have a proper place to live near nature. And, this service is provided by the De Joya Apartments.

These are some of the best residential areas in the administrative capital region. The apartments provide an unpolluted environment with added features. As it belongs in the heart of the capital, you can visit every crucial location easily.

We will further learn about this region in the coming para. You will then be able to choose an ideal apartment for yourself.

Space and Locality

The entire area is about 23 and a half acres. The residential buildings only contribute to 21% of the total occupied land. The rest of the land is given to the green ecosystem. This is because the company wants to provide a fresh natural outlook to its customers. Commercial buildings are also a part of the remaining area.

De Joya compound is 10 minutes away from New Cairo and around 30 minutes from the regional Airport. Other locations like the Mohammed Bin Zayed axis and the Green River are near to this place.

Facilities Provided

Outstanding Ambience

The place provides amazing features. It has fountains, ponds, and lakes that enhance the overall beauty of the place. The apartments bring you closer to nature. It is embellished with attractive plants and leaves. Therefore, the entire area becomes a center of attraction for many people. It is the best place to buy in the central area.

Entertainment Centers

Many centers are opened in De Joya compound. Both children and adults can take advantage of these locations. Children clubs, amusement parks, gyms, and game halls, all contribute to the welfare of society. In addition to that, each place is equipped with the latest products to be used by people.

Top of the Line Security

There is a 24 by 7 security provided to every owner in De Joya. You will be surprised by the number of equipment used for safeguarding. Advance surveillance cameras give constant feedback about any visitor. That is why you have to never worry about your security anymore.

Eco Friendly

The apartments are powered using renewable natural energy. Solar panels are fixed for providing a constant supply of power. Due to this, there is no wastage of electricity. Every apartment receives an adequate power supply throughout the year.


De Joya Compound presents 10 different packages for customers. Starting from 9,500 EGP for basic to 700,000 for fully furnished ones. The range varies according to the number of features and room allotted. Basic rooms with terrace is given with every unit.

Complete Satisfaction

A home should satisfy all the needs of an owner. Whether it’s security, scenery, facility, or society, everything can be found in De Joya compound. You will be loaded with features and can live in peace. Therefore, it is a correct decision to invest your money in this real estate.

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