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Why Is It Important To Have A Mobile – Friendly Website

Is it important to have a website that is suited for all portable devices (mobile friendly)?

The answer is more than clear, of course it is. Today, when using the google search engine you want to search for something that is important to you, Google will show you only those pages that are tailored to the screen resolution of your deviceswhich is called mobile friendly. And they will be among the first few on the search engine.Syntax ERP Cloud wants you to know how important it is to have a mobile – friendly website for your business.

What does it mean? – This means that the seats are reserved only for those whose sites are “mobile-friendly” and we all know that today everyone uses smart phones and tablets which further gives importance to the fact that your website should be – Customizable for all portable devices.

Due to the fact that smart phones users use the internet including search engines, having a website with a quality design is not a luxury but a necessity that every business owner must have. Creating a website with such a function is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

This statistic clearly shows how even in 2014 the number of users who surfed the Internet using desktop computers and mobile devices was equal. Every time you want to perform a search via your mobile phone, Google will recommend sites that are optimized for this.

The changes that Google made significantly affects users who still use laptops and desktops, and will significantly make life difficult for companies that still haven’t made their websites mobile – friendly. Each year, Google changes the algorithm to search around 500-600 times. While most of these changes are considered as “small”, Google occasionally performs and “big” update algorithm (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) that affect search results in every aspect.

How do I know if my website is mobile-friendly?

To check whether your website is adapted or not you do not need neither a programmer nor a designer, it is your eye that will recognize it. And all you need is your mobile phone. Open the browser you use for surfing and enter the URL of your site. When it is loaded, if your site is easy to read and review, if it is not necessary to scroll to the side or zoom, your website has a responsive design. There is another way that you can check it out and that is to ask the programmers who worked on your site, because they are the right people who have to know that, and of course you have a third way to check but it is also perhaps the best of all options mentioned: and it is to ask Google directly. So, if you prefer that way, send them an email and ask them what you need to know about your website.

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