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Why Is It Better to Hire Both Wedding Photographers and Videographers?

Wedding-planning is kind of an exhausting yet fun process. You and your partner have been waiting for this day for months and you want it to be perfect. For many couples it is very important to capture every interesting moment of their wedding so that they can relive those sentimental moments for years.

Professional Photographer and Videographer Services:

These days’ professional wedding photography and videography are an integral part of wedding. After planning every little detail so meticulously, don’t you want a visual proof of how fantabulous your special day was? The cost involved may be pricey making some consider dropping out videography.

Why you Shouldn’t toy with the Idea of Hiring a Wedding Videographer?

Many couple who skipped hiring a videographer admitted that they regret their decision. While a photographer would capture impeccable sharp images, there are specific moments like reading the vows, the first dance that can be best replicated only in video format. Videos capture sounds of excitement, tearful moments that camera can’t.

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Inclusions in Standard Wedding Photography Package:

·         Engagement session: This is the time to get to know more about your photographer/ videographer and their style. It involves clicking portrait pictures of you and your partner. You can choose to opt out of this session and include some other service.

Tips For Hiring A Wedding Photography And Video Package | Shock Media

·         Wedding day coverage: 8 hours of wedding day coverage include clicking moments from the moment you start getting dressed for the big day. If you’d like to capture more hours i.e. from the moment you wake up, you can ask them for covering more hours.

·         Second shooter: To ensure that none of the best moments are missed, there may be second shooter who clicks pictures of the brides and bridesmaid when the primary photographer is busy with the groom.

Inclusions in Standard Wedding Videography Package:

·         Wedding day coverage: The videographer captures moments right from when you start getting dressed. You can also choose to have them only for specific ceremonies.

·         Highlight reel: The videographer trims hours of coverage video into few minutes long highlight video and adds special effects to it called as the wedding trailer/ teaser for easy viewing. The video is just under 10 minutes and you can share it on your social media for people who couldn’t make it to your wedding.

·         Full-length film: This could be an hour-long video that includes all the main events of the wedding

It is recommended to hire videographers especially if you are reading your own vows, have arranged a killer dance party, have surprises planned for your other half etc. Opt for an experienced photographer and videographer. Though it may be expensive the end-result is worth every bucks spent on it.

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