Why Do You Need A Visa To Travel To Some Countries?

Why Do You Need A Visa To Travel To Some Countries?

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Many countries implement visa-free policies for people of specific nationality. Often, you don’t even need visa to travel to a specific country on your holiday destination list. However, some countries still require you to apply for a visa and meet, sometimes very strict, requirements.

What Is A Visa?

A visa is a conditional authorization given to foreigners to enter and remain within a country. It has limited duration to allow foreigners to stay in a country. When the visa is about to expire, foreigners will need to leave the country or renew the visa. By implementing the visa-based system, countries are able to keep a record of the people who enter and leave their territories. It’s an effective way to determine who can get in or get out and, due to specific reasons, some people are not allowed to enter a country. Likewise, in some cases, foreign individuals can’t get out, especially for certain criminal offenses.

Why Do We Need A Visa?

So, why do we need a visa? In short, a visa is a legal permission for passport-holding foreigners to travel, study, do business, work, transit or perform diplomatic activities. Visas are generally similar in formats and requirements, so they can be understood by immigration officials in different countries. To ease the procedure, some countries implement visa requirements upon arrival. However, many countries have much more complicated requirements and you need to provide additional documents and proof of capabilities.

Multiple Citizenships

Your ability to enter a country depends on what type of visa you have. People with multiple citizenships might have more than one visa. If you have multiple citizenships, you may enter the country as a person with a single nationality or multiple nationalities, depending on the requirements. A travel visa is represented physically by a sticker or stamp on the blank page of the passport. There are 190 countries that offer travel visas and each country often has different types of standard visas, depending on the length of visit and type of visit. There are also e-visa services provided by some countries.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to answer when we need a travel visa to travel to a country. Visa procedures and requirements may subject to regular changes. The most reliable way is to contact a service that offers visa-specific information for travellers.

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