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Why Do Academies Benefit From Condition Improvement Funds?

Government incentives can be used to improve school facilities through the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF).

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) offers an online portal for applicants to apply for funding.

  • Issues related to health and safety
  • Building code compliance
  • Projects for expansion
  • Improvements in efficiency

In order to be eligible for a grant, primary and special schools must have a request for at least £20,000.

The maximum amount of funding available to schools and colleges with budgets over £4 million is £50,000.

We work closely with applicants to secure funding and school building projects, so we know how important it is to upgrade facilities.

CIF: What is its Significance?

Several schools have expanded and improved their facilities over the years, and the fund will be able to assist them in the following areas:

Ensure that students and teachers have access to safe and secure facilities

Enhance the learning experience by upgrading facilities

Securing larger school facilities so that more students can attend and learn in a modern setting

Creating sustainable and energy-efficient facilities will reduce your outgoings and financial costs

Funds awarded to successful applicants are earmarked for improvement projects, so significant savings can be invested in other areas of the school.

A Detailed Look At The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) 2021/2022

Can the CIF Be Used For School Projects?

This document outlines the standards that have to be met before a project can be considered for funding by EFSA.

Examples include repairing and replacing roofs, changing boilers, building classroom blocks, and installing efficient air conditioning systems.

Prior to submitting a detailed application, it is imperative that you develop an understanding of your school’s improvement priorities and plan far in advance.

Governments Allocate Funds According To Their Priorities?

Three factors are considered when determining whether a school should receive funding. The factors are as follows:

The majority of funding (70%) for health concerns is allocated to projects that meet the requirements of a condition survey and evidence.

The applicant must demonstrate that the risks are understood and that the solutions are feasible (15%)

Efficiency (15%) – This factor examines how costs compare to the requirements of the work, so that funding offers the best deal.

What you Need to do to Apply for a CIF

It can negatively affect pupils’ progress if a school closes because of a heating system failure or an unsafe structure. These funds can be used to make specific improvements in schools, making them a valuable resource.

There are approximately 1,200 projects funded each year, so it’s crucial to submit the best possible proposal.

Learn how the application process and funding work with this infographic from 361 Degrees.

The government website provides more information about the Condition Improvement Fund and how to apply.

The best applications cite supporting evidence and describe how the changes will benefit the school.

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