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Why Displaying Live Social Feeds In Events Is An Amazing Idea?


You Know The Importance Of Social Media These Days!

A study by NY Post reveals that an average American checks their phone 80 times a day. That is, every 12 minutes, they would check their phone for a social notification or message.

In this digital era, integrating social media into anything you are doing will enhance the performance and gives you extended coverage. The more people indulge themselves in social media, the marketers are finding a way to get through the source.

When the people are burying their heads in the phone checking different social media platforms, the marketers came up with digital marketing. And now, for event marketers, social feed displays have stepped in to save the industry.

Social feed displays or social walls are digital screens that display content from various social media channels.

In this article, we will discuss what makes events with live social media feeds successful.

What Is The Role Of A Social Wall In Events?

Firstly, let me clear the concept of the social wall for you. A social media wall is a feed of live social media posts aggregated to display user-generated content on digital signage in real-time.

Configuring social walls at events has multiple advantages, let it be a music festival or an educational conference. It will add a touch of tech-savvy beauty and your audience is going to love it for sure.

#1 The “Wall Of Fame”

A social wall takes user-generated content as input to display it visually for a wide audience. Doing this helps you improve the visual footprint along with an embracing response.

Social walls gain a lot of attention at events. This tech-savvy tool looks cool and displays the content shared by the audience. Everyone wants to get featured on the social wall. To get featured, they will post more at the event and their experience. It enhances the word of mouth marketing for your event.

In this selfie-obsessed world, social wall integrates quality display technology and live social media to integrate marketing.

#2 Efficient Audience Engagement

The social wall lets the audience be the stars of the evening. Everyone loves to see themselves on a big screen. The extended outreach is what adds the extra element to your marketing strategy. A complex equation of fame


and outreach reacts to boost engagement during an event.

It lets the audience share more content to create FOMO in those who are not there. A supplementary advantage of marketing with social walls is this psychological input which makes the audience do the marketing for you.

#3 Make The Event “The Talk Of The Town”


Social media wall lets you create a buzz around your event with the content shared by the audience on social media. It encourages the current audience and prepares a base audience from the ones missed for the next event.

The event would be more popular amongst people if its marketing stays active social media. The social media posts will keep the event alive online and won’t let the audience forget about it. By doing, this you can ensure more attendees in the next event.

#4 Realize “The Bull’s Eye”

As a social wall comprises a mixed feed from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter wall, and other platforms, it gives you the insight of the target audience. Platform-specific features like polls and question-answer on Instagram lets you know what’s in the mind of the attendees and identify the audience you need to target.

Engaging the audience with ReTweet Leaderboards and selfie contests on the social wall can add more effective essence to identify the audience and their segments.

#5 Greater ROI

The social wall at the event engages the attendees to ensure their presence in the event next year. Investing in a social wall for an event doesn’t cost much, but its return of investment is much greater than what invested. Expert UGC platforms aggregate social media with their tool which collects, curates, and displays the user-generated content on digital screens, and lets you make your event marketing successful.

Social walls are also an excellent space to promote the event sponsors. As the users engage themselves, they can also display sponsor ads and offers to promote them to give them better attention.


The digital era has come up with new secrets to successful event marketing and social media aggregators have made it easy. The article above is a takeaway on the potentials of displaying live social feeds at events. This tech-savvy generation needs something digital and cool to bring up their focus.

Social media walls and UGC is going to stick along for a while as the trends are changing and will keep on changing. Alike software updates on your smartphone, there would be updates in the marketing tools but social media is here for a long time, just the platforms could flip

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