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Why Choose Residential Block Management Agents?

The quality management and upkeep of a residential block can be both time-consuming and complex. A professional managing agent will offer great peace of mind that your property is well-maintained, protected and enhances to the highest standards.

Why Hire An ARMA Member?

Hiring members of the ARMA – a principal body within the industry ensures continuous fulfillment. As a result, professional property managers are skilled and experienced to the highest levels.

You must know the fact that the residential leasehold sector is still free. Anyone can set up as a property managing agent and start collecting the service charges without any relevant experience or credentials. As a result, ARMA came up with a self-regulatory body known as ARMA-Q. It comprises a Consumer Charter and a tailored set of practiced Standards which are focused on best practices and consumer protection in all aspects related to residential long leasehold

All the ARMA members must act in accordance with ARMA-Q so that anyone hiring an ARMA agent to manage their property can have the serenity that they actually conform to high standards, and are regulated independently.

Why Choose Professional Residential Block Management?

It is imperative to hire a residential block management service that comes with quality managing and experienced agents who have a thorough understanding of property management along with all the statutory and legal requirements. The service should have a dedicated team of trained contractors and workers willing to cope up with anything that is thrown at them.

The service must:

  • Secure your capital investment by making certain that your apartment block is properly serviced and fully maintained.
  • Prepare yearly service charges that are fair to all the leaseholders and respective individual financial circumstances
  • keep up with all the financial records that are completely accessible to the leaseholders – offer complete transparency at all times.
  • Make sure that the building is adequately and properly insured
  • Assist in conflict resolution which may come up amongst the leaseholders
  • Assist the leaseholders to understand and meet the agreement of their lease.

RICS Compliance

RICS compliance works as an ultimate assurance, leaving you with great peace of mind that the risk of potential property issues arising and mounting into issues is minimized for as long as possible. This is a sign a relief for all the freeholders, leaseholders, and landlords who benefit more from the security it brings along.

Employing expert advisers who are bound to operate to the aforementioned code of practice are worth considering and perhaps just prove to be a valuable investment when you are taking into account the value of the property and assets involved.

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