Why Are Top Company Executives And CEOs So Fond Of Standing Desks? Let’s Look At Some Examples #StandingDesks - Business Media Group

Why Are Top Company Executives And CEOs So Fond Of Standing Desks? Let’s Look At Some Examples #StandingDesks

The fact that standing desks increase productivity by improving posture is highly admired by top CEOs

The standing desk is considered a productivity booster not without a reason. But before we look at the different benefits a standing desk offers, here’s an endorsement in its favour that will make it your favourite. And as an employer, manager, or a CEO, it will change your perception about sit-and-stand desks, and their utility in offices and work-from-home (WFH) setups.

Significantly, the standing desk was recommended by none other than Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. Back in 2015, Cook was quoted as saying in an interview to Bloomberg: “We have given all of our employees, 100%, standing desks. If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it’s much better for your lifestyle.”

Well, there’s hardly any reason to question a decision of a CEO of Cook’s stature, as he cares for his workforce. Secondly, the credit also goes to the manufacturers of standing desks, who craft their wares with utmost adjustability, care, and comfort. Remarkably, a standing desk, if deployed for long in offices, gives a mental boost to the employees. Next in line is company’s productivity, and ample return-on-investment (ROI).

These points went down well with another corporate behemoth. Jason McCann, CEO of Varidesk, started using a standing desk after his physiotherapist spoke highly in its favour. If we ask Cook and McCann about how a standing desk has helped them, they’ll probably say that it’s one of the best gifts an employer can give to their employees.

What Are The Benefits Of A Standing Desk?

The benefits of standing desks are obviously more than one. In fact, they’re tremendous if we consider organisational growth and productivity. So, here we will shed light on some of the advantages of using standing desks.

Adjustable To The Core

A sit-and-stand desk is designed in such a way that no matter how tall, short, thin, or burly you are, you can adjust yourself perfectly at your workplace. If you are using a standing desk you can easily adjust your head and eyes at the recommended distance from your desktop or laptop. Adjustability also means that you alternate between sitting and standing while working. It keeps you fit, healthy, and upbeat.

Excellent Medium Of Getting A Good Posture

This is what standing desk provide in abundance -a good posture. It comes with ideal lumbar support and armrests, so that your back, neck, spine, and shoulders stay naturally aligned. In the end, you get the ideal posture that’s expected of a corporate professional. It makes uprightness your ally, and a slouch your enemy. After sometime, you get used to the ideal posture.

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It Burns Calories

While working at standing desks, employees usually alternate between sit-and-stand and this frequent activity burns calories in good chunks. So, they gey less susceptible to diabetes, heart ailments, hypertension, and weight-gain. Also, being upright all day makes them confident, and stress-free. As an employer, a charged-up workforce is something that is valuable beyond words. In fact, standing desks, if used at WFH setups, also help people in staying anxiety-free, fit, and healthy.

It Propels Productivity

Intrinsic to a standing desk’s design and functionality are elements of care and comfort. That’s why employees who regularly use standing desks are mentally vibrant and invigorated. This thoughtfulness transforms into higher levels of productivity and the results are visible in a company’s top lines and bottom lines. This is one aspect that makes sit-and-stand desks so highly vouched by top executives, managers, CEOs.

Sustained ROI and Profitability

Obviously, when productivity becomes a norm, then profitability isn’t hard to fetch. Standing desks keep the workforce healthy, and an organisation can save a lot of valuable money on medical bills. Employee absenteeism and medical leaves also reduce, and this takes profitability to astonishing levels. Honestly speaking, it will be hard for any modern firm to perform well if doesn’t provide standing desks and office ergonomics to its employees.

An Assurance Of Loyalty From Employees

Well, which employee would like to leave a company that goes to the last mile to ensure their health, and safety? In fact, people working on sit-and-stand desks do feel proud about themselves and their companies. A radiant example is Apple Inc. Definitely, many CEOs and managers would’ve taken a leaf out of Tim Cook’s book and. Standing desks will continue to attract more fan-followers in the coming years.


As we have seen, top corporate leaders really admire standing desks. By offering standing desks, and recognising the benefits of sit-and-stand working style, these top-notch employers have earned huge accolades. Their employees like them for this. And it shows in their companies’ Balance Sheets. So, every boss or manager should follow their footsteps.

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