Wholesale colething vonders

Buying wholesale clothing is now much easier with VANNES. For us, when our valued customers want to purchase bulk products, we give privileges to placing wholesale orders. One of these privileges is that we offer you thousands of products at the cheapest prices on the Vannes facebook, instagram and Vannes website. As Vannes team, we help you to buy the product or size you want from our online site.

 How Can I Choose Products?

You can choose thousands of different colors and types of Vannes trousers, jackets, dresses and blouses by viewing them on the Vannes website or on Facebook and Instagram.

 How Can I Order Products?

You can place an order by copying the name, stock code or product link (URL) of the products you like from our online shopping site of and sending us from the contact information we provide below. Wholesale colething vonders

How Can I Make Payment Transactions?

Free shipping is valid for purchases of 100 TL or more from the Vannes store. In addition to our wide range of products, installments are available on cash price as a payment option.Pay all your orders in 6 installments to your credit card.

How To Buy Wholesale Clothing In USA For Retail Sale in 2022

How can I make a Refund?

Another advantage we offer to our valued customers is the right to unconditional return.

Unconditional return is available for all Vannes products you purchased.

How Long Does It Take To Carry Out A Qualıty Evaluatıon Process On Returned Product (s)?

The process only starts when our consumer care team receıves the ıtem(s) for evaluatıon. Thıs can take about 24 – 48hrs. Once we receıve the collectıon and affirmthat ıt meets our returns beggar, we wıll appendage and send you an emaıl and/or call to let you know. If there are any ıssues or your return doesn’t meet our polıcy, we wıll contact you and pass on your order back to you. Grossiste ligne vetement femme

Our Contact Information

Telephone: +90 212 517 60 20

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Phone: +90530 928 37 80

Company Name: Libya Tekstil Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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