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What Is Diamond Painting and Why Is It Getting So Popular?

When you hear the term diamond painting, your mind may have begun thinking that it’s an activity for kids and grannies. However, you’ll find out that now days social media is filled with videos and channels regarding Diamond Painting Australia.

But why is that? The truth is that diamond painting brings not only enjoyment but other benefits such as stress relief and relaxation to the people who do this hobby. Do you want to discover what is it about this hobby that it’s getting so popular? Let’s find out!

Diamond Painting: what is it?

Ok, let’s settle something first, and it is that even though it’s called diamond painting, it’s not performed with real diamonds. Perhaps that’s obvious to most, but its still worth mentioning.

The essence of diamond painting is comparable to coloring by numbers or cross-stitch. The idea is to create a design by combining different colored diamonds (also known as resin drills) in a determined pattern.

The diamond painting kits include a canvas that breaks image into different coded icons. These icons then determine the colored drills you need to add to each square. The resin drills, which are also popularly known as rhinestones, come in many different colors and types to provide an accurate and colorful image at the end.

Any Picture can be a Diamond Painting

Another regular concern about diamond painting is the limited images or pictures you can use as your diamond painting design. People tend to think that you can’t get many patterns or realistic photographs as the resulting design is pixelated and unclear.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nowadays, this practice has become so popular that many brands even personalize their patterns to your desired picture. Whether it’s your beloved pet, your mommy, or just that beautiful landscape you’ve always loved, you can diamond paint it!

What Are the Benefits of Diamond Painting?

As we mentioned in the beginning, diamond painting has many benefits that are turning it into a popular activity nowadays. And not only for grannies! Kids, teenagers, and adults of all genders are practicing this art form thanks to the relaxing properties of paint with diamonds Australia.

As it is an automated activity for the brain, it offers rest for our minds from the constant thinking and analysing we go through out daily lives. Even watching it being done is really calming so just imagine how much stress you can release from doing it.

But that’s not all! Attention and concentration are two other brain functions that get a workout by doing this hobby. Having to be attentive to the tile, pattern, size, etc, stimulates the connection between our neurons and keeps them active.

Finally, we have a sense of achievement once you finish the diamond painting. Seeing that the picture is actually done makes you feel wholesome and helps anxiety go away.

So, as you can see, there’re many reasons why diamond painting is gaining popularity among adults and youngsters and even on social media. Take the challenge of relaxation and give the hobby of diamond painting a go today.

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