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What are the Trends in Tourism in 2021?

Starting a trip is one of the great desires and pleasures of every person, spending time with the family in a special or new place, getting to know the cultures that surround that place, while immortalising beautiful memories in pictures or in the memory.

This is why tourism is so important for people’s family and social life.

With the current situation caused by the coronavirus, some travel expectations have been lowered, having an important weight in the tourism trends of 2021, which we will present to you throughout this post so that you can plan a better trip with a clear idea of where it is best to go.

It is worth mentioning that nowadays people are looking to get away from everything that cities imply, so among their first choices are: The coasts, the countryside or the mountains. Since they have fewer people and more natural contact. This gives an incredible opportunity to those places that have not been visited so much and to those that do not have a large influx of tourists.

Besides, people looking forward to travelling are aiming for the lowest possible risk of infection while enjoying a well-deserved holiday. The tourism sector has had to adapt to this, as well as to the following trends:

Undertake Domestic Travel

When planning these small trips, the person who wishes to travel dispenses with extra documents, such as visas, driving licences or a passport. For this reason and the fact that you don’t have to travel far from home, it has become such a popular option nowadays.

Sightseeing Tours in Natural Areas

Due to the pandemic that has been experienced, people are looking for a more natural environment, so they opt for rural tourism. This type of natural tourism has become more and more famous, and it is a great option to disconnect for a while and enjoy a connection with nature.

The communities that can be found in these areas give tourists a totally different view of the world and there are new and interesting cultures to discover.

To make the most of these areas, it is best to rent cottages or caravans, but camping is also possible, without neglecting the activities that these places have to offer. Highlights:

Resort or Rented Houses in Wooded Areas

After a long day outdoors, enjoying all that nature has to offer, a great option is to spend the night in a house in the forest or in a resort cabin with a beautiful natural stone cladding.

Mountain Destinations in Which to go Hiking

Due to the pandemic people have taken to the mountains as a great tourist destination. In the mountains it is possible to go hiking, both nationally and internationally, which is an interesting and relaxing way of discovering the mountains.


On the other hand, fortunately, people have become accustomed to treating nature with respect, so many travel with the desire to save areas that have been devastated by pollution. Some others seek to do as little damage as possible while sightseeing.

Trend Towards Nomadic Destinations

This type of tourist destination is one of the most famous, because people continue to work while enjoying amazing private homes, luxury hotels or resorts. All this including visits to the local culture.

Improving Mental Health Through Travel for that Purpose

People nowadays travel to achieve an optimal state of mental health. In order to achieve this, travellers usually opt for relaxing activities such as mindfulness or yoga in the destinations they choose. To achieve this, they opt for places away from busy cities, seeking contact with nature.

Travelling to Experience new Flavours

Nowadays, a fascinating interest in new flavours has arisen, which is the motivation for travelling. Trying a new gastronomic approach, for example the gastronomy of Fuerteventura, gives people a better insight into the typical dishes of the destination they are visiting.

This harsh reality has changed us, so tourist destinations have changed too. But this is not a negative change, and thanks to knowing what the tourism trends are for 2021, we can feel oriented and motivated to discover new and fascinating destinations. Don’t miss them!

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