What Are The Benefits Of Oak Flooring?

What Are The Benefits Of Oak Flooring?

Even though some people may naturally prefer the feel of soft carpets or easy to clean vinyl tiles, it is difficult to look beyond the boons and blessings of oak flooring for both domestic properties and commercial businesses. They feel greet underfoot, silky smooth and natural, what could be better than that?

It might be a bit more expensive to buy than the alternatives, but oak flooring can bring about a wide range of far-reaching rewards and is well worth purchasing in the long run.

But what are some of the benefits of oak flooring? Here to explain is Dacha Oak, one of the country’s leading floorboard retailers that sell over 50,000 square metres of the stuff annually.

Long-lasting appeal

You can rest assured that oak floorboards will never go out of style. Some interior design trends will come and go, but oak floorboards have been incredibly popular for quite some time now and show no signs of losing their natural appeal.

Incredibly durable

Irrespective of whether oak floorboards are subject to the trials and tribulations of family life or the footfall of countless customers, you won’t have to worry about their condition deteriorating. After all, oak is a hardwood that has been used in the building trade for centuries. If it does wear it can, of course, be easily sanded down and then retreated to maintain its innate beauty.

Impermeable to attack

One problem you might encounter with other types of wooden floorboard is fungal and insect attacks, which can be both disruptive to your daily routine and expensive to repair if badly damaged. However, this isn’t a problem with the hardwearing nature of oak. It resists most pests and diseases with relative ease, particularly when compared to other softer wood species used for flooring.

Future investment

Even though the decision to buy oak floorboards will probably mean you are not looking to sell up and move on in the near future, it can still be a fantastic future investment. Prospective property buyers will hold your home or business in high esteem and might well be more tempted to complete a purchase.

Improves with age

Not many things in life get better with age, but oak flooring is one of them. As long as you treat oak floorboards with some tender loving care, you will start to notice even richer colours appear after just a couple of year’s ownership. In many respects, you should think of oak flooring like a fine wine, it most definitely does mature with age!

Very versatile

Seeing as you can buy oak in a wide range of styles, grades, and dimensions, it is one of the most versatile flooring solutions around. So, no matter what your home or business looks like, there will be an oak floorboard option that suits your own unique requirements.

Truly distinctive

Don’t think for a second that all oak floorboard options look the same, as some incredibly decorative and distinctive grains are available. For example, prime grades are quite clean and crisp, whereas rustic and character grades tend to feature more knots and patterns. Furthermore, Oak trees grow in many parts of the world which has led to many different varieties developing naturally over time. Every tree is different too!

Incredibly clean

With standard carpets, you will be more susceptible to suffering from allergies such as asthma due to the mites that breed and lay their eggs in the dusty fabric. However, one quick wipe with a dust mop and you can keep your oak floorboards incredibly clean. This is a major advantage when compared to carpeting which should not be easily overlooked, particularly in homes where some members of the family may have breathing difficulties.

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