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Wedding Wishes and Congratulations

Wedding wishes and congratulations – what do you wish the bridal couple for the wedding?

How do you formulate the wedding wishes to the bridal couple in a creative and personal way? In this article, we will give you the best ideas and a good deal of inspiration for the wedding congratulations.

All we should know about

How do you write the wedding wishes?

Do you belong to the wedding guests, who stand a little longer on the guest book and get stuck as “love …”? No worries! You’re not alone with that and we’ll help you. For the wedding wishes for bride and groom, we have listed some cool examples here.

Finding the right words

The wedding wishes will only be perfect if they match the bride and groom. Are they both romantic and dreamy or rather fresh and sober? Keep that in mind for your text. How close are you to them? But the most important thing is that you really mean what you put on paper and that it comes from the heart.

  • Answer the following questions for yourself. They will help you in writing the wedding wishes!
  • What do you wish the bride and groom for the future?
  • Do you want to bring in humor or find emotional words?
  • What is your relationship with the bride and groom and what do the bride and groom mean to you?
  • Do you have special memories of and with the bride and groom?

Short congratulations for the guestbook

We wish you a memorable wedding anniversary and enjoy it to the full!

What is the best way to convey the congratulations?

A nice card is of course always a good way to give the congratulations to the bride and groom. Are you looking for something more creative? How about a photo of the bride and groom with the wedding wishes on the back? If you want to go one step further, you can cut the picture into several pieces and put it in an envelope. The newlyweds then have to find out the message in the form of a puzzle themselves. With a little confetti in the envelope, the whole thing is even more beautiful and festive!
Where can guests leave their congratulations?

Where and how can your wedding guests present their congratulations?

Set up a place for the wedding wishes

Slip into the role of your guests. What do you do after the wedding ceremony first? Of course, to congratulate bride and groom for the wedding, take a glass of champagne and chat with the other guests. If the guest book or similar is not placed in a clearly visible position, it can go down and some guests forget to perpetuate their congratulations. Place a table with the guestbook, or an alternative to the guestbook, clearly visible, where the guests pass by more than once.

When is the right time for the congratulations?

During the wedding, there are different moments in which the guests can congratulate the bride and groom. Often there is a queue before or during the reception to congratulate the bride and groom for the wedding. Here is also often a guest book, in which the guests can leave their wedding wishes in writing.
Wedding wishes in the form of a speech

Many couples are happy about nice or funny words from their guests. A wedding speech usually goes down well with the bride and groom! With a speech you can of course convey your congratulations especially personally. As a bridal couple, you are welcome to mention the invitations when you are happy about one or more small speeches. Discuss with your Master of Ceremonies, if you have one, if and when the speeches fit into the course of your celebration, and let your guests know when the best time for a speech is.

With these tips and tricks you formulate the wedding wishes to the bride and groom easily. And the bridal couple also knows how to make it easier for guests to convey their congratulations. In this sense we wish you good luck and above all fun writing your wedding wishes!

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