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We Are Aerialworx: Drone Filming Scotland, North Wales & England


Are you considering using drone operators to capture aerial footage for your next big project? Here at, Aerialworx we offer drone filming as a professional service and we already have several big accolades under our belt. We have, for instance, completed work for several BBC projects, delivered footage for ITV’s Victoria, and worked with The National Geographic on their ‘One Strange Rock’ series. We are also an approved supplier to the BBC, which demonstrates the quality of our service. If you are looking for Drone Filming North Wales or drone operators Scotland, you really need to look no further, we are experienced and professional and we will help you get the footage that you need for any project.

Our Equipment

Latest Equipment, Experienced Drone Operators

We are extremely passionate when it comes to drone filming and this shines through in our work. We employ camera specialists as well as drone operators with over 20 years experience in flying radio controlled aircraft, they really know what they are doing. Our employees love what they do, it is their true passion in life and this passion helps them to deliver the best footage possible when they work on your drone filming Scotland project. This enthusiasm also means that we have to supply them with the best equipment to help them achieve their best work. We are constantly investing in the latest kit so that we can deliver quality drone filming North Wales. We own many different drones which all have their own capabilities and specialities in terms of which cameras they can lift and their favourite environments to fly in. This means that we can capture whatever footage you need, even if that means filming at night or indoors. If you want to capture the footage yourself we are also happy to hire out our equipment, just contact us to discuss your requirements. If you want to film it, we will have the equipment to capture it for you, making your drone filming Scotland project easy.

Extreme Shots& A Touch Of Magic

We Go To The Extremes!

If you are looking for Drone Operators Scotland you might need a team accustomed to taking extreme shots, after all, Scotland is a beautiful part of the world and this should be enjoyed in all its glory through thoughtful footage. We have experience when it comes to all types of extreme shooting, from flying through underground caves to whizzing beneath the canopy of the forest or flying at temperatures that are well below freezing we have done it all. We relish the challenge and will work with your team to capture the right footage for your project, no matter how extreme the situation is. We have offices in Manchester, North Wales and Scotland, making us ideally situated throughout the UK and we also have licences to operate in Spain, Italy, France, and South Africa. We’re CAA approved, which means we have met the highest possible standard of safety when it comes to using drones to capture footage and we are qualified to fly drones up to 25kg. Give us a call to discuss your project needs today, we would love to get on board.

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