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Watch TV Jobs – How to Make Money Watching TV

Wouldn’t it be great to get paid while watching TV?

Several sites will let you do this. A very well-known company has “Tagger” jobs. But they are not readily available and you will need to get on a waiting list.

Other companies offering this service only pay pennies.

Let me introduce you to YourHappyClients.Com. They are the marketing arm for PaidLetter.Com, a company that teaches how to create paid newsletters.

One of the popular services that YourHappyClients offers is removing viruses from computers.

Both companies have been in business for more than 10 years. You can find lots of information about PaidLetter with a Google search.

Because of the popularity of PaidLetter YHC is experiencing an increased demand for their services and needs more workers. Things heated up during the lockdown and haven’t slowed down.


The Remote Worker position does NOT require any fees at all. Do not confuse it with PaidLetter’s main program (Fortune Training Course) which does carry a pricetag.

Degrees are NOT required.

This is remote work. YHC is not interested in degrees or credentials. They have a simple one-page application form that you will complete. The process is easy. They are looking for individuals who are willing to do the work. Your income is based on performance.

You will not be doing any selling, surveys, or telephone work. This is non-voice work.

Boring Work?

The money is good (up to $350 per week, or more, part-time) but the work is somewhat repetitive. However, because of this feature, you can actually perform it on your phone or computer while watching TV. This work is perfect for anyone who is homebound.

You should have basic typing skills and access to the Internet. And you can do this work from anywhere. (Some workers do it from their local library).

To get the one-page application go to the link below:

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