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Using Times Of Change To Learn How To Do Things Better

Change is naturally feared by many businesses and their employees – after all – there is familiarity in sticking with the status quo even if it is not producing the best results! Change management training tells us that change is a natural part of life and so instead of fearing change in the workplace – we can use it as an opportunity for growth and a gateway to new opportunities. But, how do we go about making this the case?

See It As An Opportunity

Those who get ahead in business learn to see change as an exciting challenge. Those who don’t run the risk of stagnating where productivity and profits can fall. In an increasingly competitive marketplace; where margins can be tight due to economic and global changes it is important therefore to embrace positive change and leave the status quo behind.

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Overcoming Resistance

There will always be employees; especially those who have been with the company for a long period of time, who want to stick with the “old ways” but an organisational change management specialist knows  minds can be changed when presented with compelling evidence; even if that evidence only points out redundancies could be involved if an effective change management program is not carried out! The reward for change needs to be greater than the reward for sticking with the devil you know so although you don’t want to frighten employees into change – you do need to reassure them that it’s for their overall good as well as the company’s.

Using Humour

Witty banter can be the best tonic to making light of a bad situation and improve communication across the boardroom and business in general. A sense of all being in it together can also get everyone on board. The sea may be stormy but when everyone is in the same boat – people are much more inspired to pull and work together to achieve a common aim.

Focus On Values Not Fears

Humans have a natural bias towards the negative which kick starts their fight or flight safety mechanism which tends to result in emotional and impulsive reactions. Reminding employees of what is important and the company’s core values can dampen down this response and create a powerful buffer against the stress of change. Seeing stress as a positive thing i.e. helping us cope in times of stress can also help to invigorate people so that they become more creative instead of destructive.

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Expect Instability

No one likes surprises so if employees are prepared for period of instability – it is much more likely to be embraced in a positive manner!

Embrace The Future

There is no harm in reminiscing about the “good old days”. Again, it’s a natural response when faced with new ways of doing things. Change always involves loss but it also enables new opportunities and blessings to be embraced and in time – the new will yet again become the old way of doing things when further change management is implemented!

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