Using Facebook Messenger Settings: A Guide For Businesses

Can you ignore a platform with more or less two billion active monthly users? If your products, services, brand or company are currently using the social media platform, Facebook Messenger, that is precisely what you are doing. If you think that most messaging applications are just used to communicate with friends, family members or co-workers, you need to consider this: according to Nielsen’s survey about Facebook Messaging, messaging, in general, ranked second out of nine modes of communication when it comes to business.

50% of people are likely to buy products or use customer service chat bots services with companies that they can contact directly using messaging applications. As a matter of fact, people exchange more or less one billion business messages on Facebook Messaging Apps every month.

To know more about Facebook messenger settings and how to use them, you can check out websites, forum sites, and, more importantly, social media posts about this topic.

Why it is important for your brand or company to care about Facebook Messenger?

The dramatic increase in the importance of Facebook Messenger when it comes to businesses becomes more evident from the minute when you look at its context of overall social media usage trends. The users of these types of applications have outgrown social networking sites.

According to the Business Insider, the top four messaging applications on the market today have combined monthly active users of 500 million more than the top four social networking sites. That is half a billion more users to market your products or services. The context of mobile applications is very important.

While most analysts show that the average mobile applications retain just 11% of its users after one year, messaging apps retention is close to six times better – that is 62% after one year. The daily use of these apps is also 4.7% higher compared to other applications.

Combine the retention and the usage numbers with the fact that FB Messenger can offer a chance to communicate with business partners and customers on a one-on-one bases, including a personalized information, as well as offers that are sent automatically using chatbots, it is now clear that your company needs to be developing an effective marketing strategy using the FB messaging application immediately.

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How to use it for business

People often look for the best site to buy Facebook likes to boost their marketing. Now that you are pretty much aware of why your company or brand needs to be using FB messenger, this article will guide you and dive into how to use or set up the application for your page and some productive and useful ways to incorporate them into your Facebook marketing technique. Not only that, we will take a closer look at how the app can simplify the communication between you and your colleagues, as well as your customers.

Setting up your Facebook Messenger

Before you begin the work of coming up with ways to use the application creatively to create your company or brand, you need to do some work of setting up the apps to work with your page. On that note, if you do not already have the FB page set up for your company, you will need to design and create one before you use Facebook Messenger for your business.

Use the right username

If you have not already used the right username, you will need to create a perfect username for your page, which will be your username on the messenger. The username starts with “@” and appears below the page name in the upper left column on your FB page. The username will also appear on your page’s URL.

It must be at least five or more characters and can only contain periods and alphanumeric characters. It is an excellent idea to keep them as consistent as possible with your organization or company name to make it a lot easier for clients and customers to look for you on the Internet.

Enable messaging in your FB page

Once you are ready to commit to receiving and answering incoming customer messages, it is time for you to turn on the messaging feature of your page. To enable the messaging feature:

Click settings from the top right corner of the page.

Click the General tab.

Scroll down to Messages and click Edit.

Check the box next to “Allow People to Contact my Page….”

Click Save, and that’s it.

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Set up greeting text and instant replies

The Instant Reply feature is sent immediately when a user submits a new message to your Facebook page. You can use the messages to set expectations on how long it will take for your company to reply or direct traffic to a certain page on your site that answers relevant FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions. You can also personalize the replies with the customer’s name. To turn on the Instant Reply feature, you need to do the following steps:

Click settings from the top right corner of the page.

Under the Response Assistant tab, click YES for Send Instant Replies.

Click the Change button.

Write the message that you want your customers to see when they message you.

Click the Change button.

On the other hand, the Greeting text appears in the FB messenger as soon as customers initiate conversations with the page, even before the customer sends a message. You can use the text to highlight the types of services that you provide using the application and how online users can access them.

The social media platform moves fast, and for businesses to keep up with different changes, you need new platforms and use the best practices available in the market today. You have to learn all the fundamental social media marketing techniques to stay ahead of your competition.

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