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Urine Drug Testing & Common Problems In It

Drug abuse is taking over the world and is a common reason behind weak community and environment as drugs not only damage the internal functionality of an addict but also destroys the economy of a family, reduces the productivity of a business and damages the environment to a great extent.

Despite of a lot of efforts and advancements in field of medicine and technology, the eradication and control of this canker is not yet possible. Although government is taking essential steps to keep this problem at bay but still lots of efforts are yet to be taken in order to remove this problem from its roots.


The first step for the eradication of drug abuse is to detect which person is an addict among ourselves as drug addicts are quite proficient in hiding it, be it a student, a child or an employee. There are a number of methods to identify the use of drugs by a person and the most reliable one among them is drug testing. Drug Tests in Bulk blog provides informative knowledge about the drug testing.

Urine Drug Testing:

A number of drug testing techniques are available using which you can check whether a person is taking drugs or not. Ranging from the blood drug testing to hair follicle drug testing and saliva drug testing, urine drug test is considered one important technique for this very purpose. For more information visit National Institute of Drug Abuse.

As the name suggests, urine drug testing certainly involves the testing of urine samples to check for the presence of drug traces in the urine. A number of tests are run on the urine samples to check for the drug traces and special laboratories are made for urine drug testing.

Common Problems in Urine Drug Testing:

Despite of the fact that urine testing for drug abuse is quite effective, still there are some problems in this technique due to which saliva drug tests are more preferred. Some of the problems include:

  • The difficulty in the collection of urine samples as it involves the gender and privacy issues making it a difficult task.
  • Another problem is the involvement of sanitary issues as urine sample collection is quite a messy process.
  • Urine drug testing is also quite costly as you have to pay for lab testing for the use of special equipment.
  • Urine drug testing also do not detect drugs if the test is taken 4 hours after using the drugs.
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