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Types Of HGV Vehicles – Heavy Goods Vehicle

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HGV or Heavy Goods Vehicles are trucks that are more than 3,500kg in gross weight, which includes the weight of the cargo and that of the truck itself. One can easily find many different HGV in the market that is built for specific uses. There are HGV with 2 axles up to those with 6 axles. These types of vehicles are essential for the logistics, shipping, and the transport industries. HGV is also an integral part of the Haulage segment, and they rely heavily on such vehicles to be able to provide services to their customers. HGV vehicles help run the economy, and different kinds of HGV are created to serve different purposes. These are not just available for buying, but can also be hired depending on what it is needed for. Here are the different types of HGV vehicles available in the market today and what purpose they serve –

Dry and Consumer Goods Lorries – Most of the Lorries that we around are dry goods and consumer good Lorries. These are box body trucks or one-sided curtains to transport a wide range of goods such as PCs, clothes, pots, crisps and more. There are different types of Lorries that can be used depending on the size and the amount of goods that need to be transported.

Transporter – Transporters are used to transport cars from one place to another. They are created in a way that makes it easy for cars to be loaded and unloaded from it. Thus, there are greatly used by car manufacturing companies to transport cars across the country.

Emergency Vehicles – Emergency vehicles are designed specified to respond to an emergency in life-threatening situations. Some of the common emergency vehicles include a fire truck, ambulance, Hazmat vehicle, and others.

Livestock Trucks – Livestock trucks are used to transport a wide variety of livestock, including chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, and others. These kinds of trucks are usually used for short distances, such as between the farms or from the farm to the markets.

Refrigerated Vehicles – Refrigerated vehicles are used to store and transport a wide range of goods such as food and drinks. These HGVs have big refrigerated containers attached to them that allow produces to be kept fresh while they are being transported across the country or beyond the borders as well.

Specialist Vehicles – There are some specialist vehicles that have amazing functions. Some of the most common examples of these include –

  • Cement Mixers
  • Snow Ploughs
  • Highway Maintenance Vehicles
  • Tow Trucks
  • Skip Trucks

Tankers – Tankers are used to carry a large amount of liquid and fine materials such as oil, petrol, sugar, grains, powders, and more. Many times, these tankers carry hazardous materials such as petrol, chemicals, and other toxics, it is essential to get proper certification to transport them.

Flatbed Lorries – Flatbed Lorries have an open kind of body where heavy and large items can be kept. Since these are open, the items carried should not be affected by the weather conditions. Some of the most common items that are transported on these Lorries are industrial parts, construction materials, machinery, and others. These items have to be strapped down properly to ensure that they do not move in the moving Lorries.

Curtainsider – Curtainsider is one of the HGV that allows a large amount of goods to be carried in them. These are also perfect for promotion as logos can be printed on its sides. These are not as secure as a container, but they offer a lot of flexibility to people.

Apart from these, there are other HGV vehicles for other Haulage Essex companies. Whether you are looking for skip hire Essex truck for short term for your construction company or any other type of HGV for your company, it is best to contact a professional company and pick one from their HGV collection. There are more benefits to hiring an HGV rather than purchasing one as they are quite expensive. When one hires HGV vehicles, they can get the latest model and do not have to worry about its maintenance. If the truck fails, the company will provide you with a replacement. Also, you can hire the vehicle when you need it without having to find a permanent car parking for it.

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