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Turnover intention influence on Employees

influence on Employees


Turnover intention causes peoples to engage in different activities. Some activities related to the workplace where they are working. In this comprehensive study, we just examine a little about the intention of leaving a job from the employees. Its influence on organization and employees. In their lives, people change their jobs according to their comfortability.

 Turnover intention literature Review

Turnover intention easily defined as employees. leaving the organization. And its included all of their own interest. Employees can leave their one job due to different factors.

We will study these factors later in the literature. Turnover intention is one of the biggest challenges. And this thing is now days facing by the companies. And previous studies have shown that a high turnover rate.

Produce devastating outcomes for an organization. If the organization loses high performers employees this would be a cost bearer thing. And if it happens continuously then the organization will be at their lower productivity. We can say that there will be no organizational performance.

Turnover Intention


Definition Turnover Intention

Turnover intention is defining as the willingly leaves job by the employee.

Voluntary Turnover intention

This type of turnover intention related to leaving the job by employees with their own interest. For example, employees facing workplace bullying.

Workplace harassment may result in this type of turnover intention.

Involuntary Turnover Intention

In this, Employees leave the job, not for their own will. An organization might rusticate some of them due to certain reasons.

These reasons included lower performance, Bad attitude, lack of communication.


Factors affecting performance

Employees Turnover affects by different factors. And in this study, I will explain it in detail.

Because the turnover is not under control then it will produce a bad impact on an organization. Influencing factors of turnover intention.

Leadership style


  • Leadership style is the most important thing. And it plays a very key role in organizational success. Leadership style includes the behaviors of senior management towards their employees.
  • It includes how the senior employees of one company act towards their subordinates.
  • Senior management of the company has a responsibility to motivate their lower manager to act accordingly exactly the upper manager says to do so.
  • If there is any contradiction appeared between them then it will cost the organization badly in the way of different costs.
  • The upper management of the company should have the ability to motivate the employees.
  • Optimistic leadership style must have adopted by upper management otherwise it will lead to turnover intention.

The upper discuss points must be under consideration by the company otherwise turnover intention leads to a bad impact.

Influencing factors

Organizational commitment

This is another factor impact organizational performance.

Organizational commitment means whatever the commitment an organization prepare for their employees must be fulfilled.

You can say that bonuses, promotional packages are the right of employees. And if one does not match this thing it will create bad results for the organization.

Previous studies show that organizational commitment significantly related to turnover intention.

And it is an obligation of employees to fulfilled their duties whatever they are committed to the organization.



It is a general phenomenon that employees of different organizations want to increase their income level.

There is a certain way to increase the income level such as join other organizations, receive bonus increments, etc. salary has a major effect on the intention to leave job by employees.

This is a strong influence on voluntary turnover intention. Because if employees did not get any promotion they may leave the company for others where they get good packages and increments.

Mostly turnover rate is high in organizations due to lower salary packages.


Turnover Intention

Job satisfaction

job satisfaction is defining as the employee’s feeling of motivation about their jobs. It also refers to the motivation regarding the job.

Job satisfaction has a significant impact on turnover intention.

If the employees of the organization are glad and very well happy with their job, then they might stay for a long time in one place.

If employees are not satisfied with the jobs, then they leave for good.


Organizational Culture

Organizational culture plays a very key influence on turnover intention. It totally related to the culture and behavior of organization employees.

Let’s take some example you walk up in the morning with your college and open the door for her and she left not even say any word after.

You are doing your work and the rest of the colleges celebrate a birthday party.

You are going to eat something and you found that the last one did not fill up the cup of tea for you.

So basically this is all related to the organizational culture so it must be so good and easily adjustable for the employees.

Turnover Intention


in the conclusion, the study indicated that turnover intention has a great influence on employees. with the high intention to leave job from employees side may cause bad impact towards the organization.

the organizational employees are the basic key for organizational success and have great influence as well.

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