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Tourist must Visit 5 Places in Turkey Holidays

Low Cost Holidays to Turkey

When thought of a gateway between Asia and Europe, nothing can come to mind except Turkey. This country shares its land with both the continents. Soaring mountains and elegant beaches are a grand part of Turkish landscape. It is a place of exchanging cultures and trade. This makes turkey a diverse country with exclusive richness. This country is a land of archaeological sites and religious monuments which signify its rich historical past. Turkey was under the rule of Byzantine and Ottoman Empire with Istanbul as the capital, which makes this city a major attraction for turkey holidays travellers. Apart from Istanbul, there are many more tourist spots in Turkey which will give you a real taste of natural beauty and luxurious stay. Read more about Turkey


This is the current capital of Turkey. It is a modern city with foreign embassies, universities, commercial businesses and government buildings. It is located in the Anatolia region, in the center of this rich country. Ankara is a transportation hub that connects to other major destination in the country. A lively cultural and art scene is offered by this city. Ankara is home to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.


Once a capital, Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey. If you are in search of exotic atmosphere, nightlife, dining, shopping, architecture and historical sites, Istanbul is your destination. Its attractions make Istanbul one of the most visited cities in the world and loveable travellers of turkey holidays. Some of the must visit attractions of Istanbul include Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and the famous Hagia Sophia.

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Fairytales come to life when you are in Cappadocia, a city in Central Anatolia. Pinnacles, cones and chimneys resemble the landscape of fairytale formations. Natural eruptions and erosion have formed the landscape over the years. People carved out underground rocks, churches and houses out of soft rock of Cappadocia. The first to chisel out architectures from rocks are the Hittites. They did this to hide form the invading Greeks and Persians.


This city is in the part of Europe and is the most classical metropolis. This ancient site is in Aegean Turkey. Ephesus is the home to one of the Seven Wonders, the Temple of Artemis. When under the Roman Empire, this city was one of the largest. The ruins of the city are well preserved within an archaeological site. The Temple of Hadrian, massive Theatre and the magnificent Celsus Library are part of attractions of this ancient city.


The Mausoleum in Bodrum is one of the Seven Wonders that were the part of the Ancient World. Cliff-top resorts, stunning beaches and ruins are attracting people from all over the world. Bodrum castle or Castle of St. Peter is one of the greatest attractions of this city. The Knights Hospitaller, built in 1402, is now operated as a museum. The marina, restaurants and shopping centers are on the western side of the town.

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