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Top Tips On How To Stay Safe This Winter

There are several things to enjoy about the winter, from Christmas and New Year celebrations to frolicking in the snow. However, it is also a particularly perilous time of year, which can easily cause injury and illness if you are not careful. So, to help you stay safe this winter, here are some top tips from snow clearance and gritting company De-Ice.

Winter proof your car

In addition to checking the tread and pressure of your car tyres, you should also carry around an emergency kit of things like water, blankets, and a shovel should you get stuck in deep snow.

Plan your route

Look at the weather forecast to find out whether the area you are travelling to isn’t adversely affected by the weather conditions. Also, make sure friends and family members know the route you are taking.

Take care behind the wheel

Keeping your car under control when snow and ice is on the road can be incredibly difficult. Therefore, you should take things easy, leave plenty of time to complete your journey, pull away in a higher gear than usual, and stick to roads that have been gritted.

Dress for the conditions

Regardless of whether you are driving or walking somewhere, you should wear several layers of thin clothing as well as a hat, scarf, and gloves to avoid the risk of developing hypothermia.

Wear brightly coloured clothing

Another important consideration when getting dressed for winter is visibility. Due to the dark mornings and evenings combined with blizzards or heavy rain, you should always have a high visibility jacket or brightly coloured item of clothing close to hand.

Be cautions on foot

Slipping on ice is an all too common occurrence during winter. For this reason, choose supportive footwear with plenty of grip on the bottom. Also, be cautious when walking on shiny or glass-like surfaces.

Consider wearing sunscreen

Just because the weather is cold does not mean to say your skin is safe from the sun’s powerful UV rays. In fact, snow can reflect sunlight back from the ground, which increases the risk of exposure. Therefore, put sunscreen on whenever appropriate.

Check your appliances

Most people will crank up their central heating systems during winter. However, it makes sense to check that all home appliances are in fully working order to avoid things like carbon dioxide poisoning, which can be fatal.

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