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Top Calgary Landscape Ideas For Your Front And Backyard

Calgary spends most of the year in the winter season. When summertime comes along, most families prefer to spend time lounging outdoors in the backyard. But what if the backyard is not favourable enough to refresh the mind?

Outdoor spaces are meant to be enjoyable and bright. There are many landscaping trends fit for the backyard and front yard. Calgary Landscapers will work to ensure you get the garden you have always desired. Let’s look at the most popular landscaping ideas you need for your spaces.

Fire Pits

Provide warmth and beauty to your outdoor spaces with creative fire pits fueled by gas or wood. Fire pits can be used on different fire media types, such as ceramic log sets or fire glass.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens have become popular over recent years. So many people are choosing rock gardens over plants because of their low-maintenance. Landscapers use visually attractive rocks to decorate the garden to look more appealing.

This type of gardening method does not require watering. However, if you would like to incorporate some plants, drought-tolerant ones would be an ideal pick.

A Hanging Chair

A hanging chair is a calm and relaxing feature to have around your back or front yard.  It can be mobile, and you can choose from placing it in the sunshine or shade. Hanging chairs bring ambiance and life and offer relaxation.

Natural Water Features And Ponds

A water feature is always complementary to green spaces. There are many ways of designing water features. You can wrap the stream around the patio or create a waterfall falling down the rocks. Most people find the rhythmic flow of water very peaceful.

Patio Lighting

One of the best landscaping ideas for your back or front yard is patio lighting. A patio is an outdoor area that requires lighting.  Many people prefer to include some outdoor furniture around the deck with plants.

Lighting serves as an illuminating theme to the surrounding area.

Pool Lighting

If you have visitors at night, you would wish to entertain them as they swim in the pool. Pool lighting has become a popular trend in most homes.

Outdoor Movie Theatre

Did you know you can turn your backdoor into a movie theatre? For those who have a projector screen, you can set it up on a portion of the house with no windows or openings, and you have yourself a perfect movie setup.


Instead of throwing away the old stuff, creatively use them to add a unique theme to your back yard. Old bikes, pots, and other household items can be used as flower holders and can have brought more value to the backyard instead of throwing away.

 Importance Of A Landscape Design

Landscaping can be considered as a way of transforming your yard into a beautiful retreat space. It can significantly improve the look of your compound, but other than beauty, it can also:

  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Prevents your yard from flooding
  • Help reduce the impact on the property.
  • Reduce air pollutants
  • A well-maintained landscape adds home resale value.
  • Landscape designs act as air Cleaners.
  • Grass captures dust and other pollutants.
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