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Top 5 Benefits of Fabric Banners For Your Upcoming Events

Advertisement through banner display is one of the important fixtures of conventions, tradeshows, and other valuable events. Although there are countless numbers of styles, sizes, installations, and colors, two material options you should consider choosing: fabric and, vinyl.

Out of the two options, vinyl is a more popular material for a banner. However, fabric banner also has its advantages to consider. If you look closely, you’ll be able to distinguish between fabric and vinyl banners and you’ll realize that fabric banners are useful for some specific events.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 advantages of fabric banners that you should use in your upcoming events.


Vinyl banners are famous due to their resistance power against wear and tear as well as their durability power. Even though vinyl banners are great in harsh weather conditions, they are vulnerable to distortion and creases due to pressure. This is the main reason why people use extra precautions when rolling up vinyl banners. If you fold them, they might experience distortion and wrinkles.

On the other hand, fabric or cloth banners are constructed from synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, satin. The synthetic fibers are highly tear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. If you experience any kind of fold marks or crease while folding fabric banners, you can use a household iron to remove them easily. As per Statista, banner advertisement is projected to reach $59 million in 2021.

Storage Space

Unlike vinyl banners, you can easily fold fabric banners. This is why fabric banners take less space. While an 8-foot tall vinyl banner will take 8 feet of space because of the rolling, the similar size fabric banner will take much lesser space. You can fold and store them in a shoebox or grocery bag. This is extremely useful when traveling with the banner or shipping the banner from one place to another.

The Design

Most business owners will agree to the fact that a fabric banner is a lot more attractive than a vinyl banner. The vinyl banner lacks a soft and natural texture. As the texture and color are better on fabric, it is the perfect choice for close events as well as indoor presentations. The fabric also has different types of weighted clothes so that you can use the material in different applications without compromising the image quality.

Camera Flash

Vinyl has advantages for outdoor presentations or events but it will fail dramatically if an event involves indoor photography. Vinyl banners are made from plastic and the surface is super reflective. This reflection will cause serious problems when the cameraman will use camera flashes to capture images.

On the other hand, fabric banners will absorb the flash of cameras. This will help you to take more natural and cleaner pictures. This is very useful at events with paid professional photography.

The Hardware Options are Interchangeable

Banners are considered as an investment and leveraging the benefits should be your main goal. If you have consecutive exhibitions, events, retail displays, showrooms, and tradeshows, then you have the option to interchange the hardware of your fabric banner. In short words, fabric banners take less time to be produced. You can order creative and new fabric prints to install once you’re done with the initial set-up. Additionally, you don’t need to purchase new mounting hardware. You can save money by using the old one.


These are the top 5 advantages of fabric banners for your upcoming events. Though vinyl banners and fabric banners are different, remember that they’re useful in certain places. As we mentioned above, vinyl banners are not suitable for indoor events. On the other hand, fabric banners cannot endure harsh weather conditions. So, you must analyze your business and decide which banner will work better for the promotion of your business.

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