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Tips To Help You Pass Your HGV Test

Are you about to take your first HGV test? Well, you should be prepared completely because learning how to drive one takes a lot of hard work and skill to pass the practical and CPC theory test. Don’t start breaking into a cold sweat just yet after hearing about theory test. You might be feeling out of your depth but don’t worry about it. Doing your HGV theory test isn’t like all the past exams you might have gone through. Here are some useful tips to help you pass your HGV theory test with flying colours.

1. Know the Format

To avoid any surprises on the big day you should learn the format of the theory test beforehand. It is not a standard driving test. Here’s a brief summary of what you should expect in your test. There will be 100 multiple choice questions that ask you about how to operate an HGV safely.

Next, there’s a section about a hazard perception with a written element. You will watch 19 videos where you need to pick at least 20 potential hazards. The videos will also come with 100 multiple choice questions. If you know all this beforehand, you can prepare accordingly and there will be no surprises.

2. Do Some Practice Tests

Are you feeling a little anxious about doing your HGV test? You will need to do a few practice tests to get your head in the right frame. There are many practice theory tests you can try out. Even better, our trainers can provide you with more tests as well as refer you to the best sites with unlimited practice tests.

Don’t worry, we don’t keep records of your performance in the practice tests. Also, you’re not limited to the number of tests you can do. Therefore, it’s a good way to learn more about driving an HGV and learn more about the areas you’re not sure. Even better, you will be in the best mindset to sit down for your real test. A good thing about doing a practice test is that they are from past papers and the real one might feature some of those questions too.

3. Watch Out for The Hazards In The Hazard Perception Section

One of the most challenging sections you should expect from your HGV theory test is the hazard perception. Since it’s difficult, you might have a hard time finding genuine dangers and normal activities. Note that, if you choose the wrong option, it will definitely affect your score. Therefore, if you want to get through this successfully, you need to practice for the hazard perception section.

Try out the practice tests then make your mistakes when learning the real thing. One way to beat the test is by understanding the developing hazards properly and what they actually look like. You will not get very far if you’re clicking randomly on the screen, so this is very important. The definition of a hazard is something that forces you to take action such as changing your direction and speed.

4. Avoid Clicking Randomly

It’s quite normal to be nervous or unsure about a few things on the test. When that happens, you shouldn’t click at all things randomly on the screen guessing your answers. Yes, it might appear like a good idea at the time but when it comes to real life, you will lose a lot of points. Therefore, if you’re clicking randomly, you will reduce your score considerably. Note that, the software will assume you’re guessing your answers rather than you know what to do. Eventually, you will fail.

In conclusion, taking an HGV test is one of the most challenging tests you will go through. However, you don’t have to fail your test if you know what you are doing. You need to take the practice tests and learn more about the test so that you can be prepared for the real one.

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