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Things You Need To Know About Performance Management

In a company, performance of an employee is important. Some company evaluate their employee’s performance, every month, every three months or after every four months. This is to ensure that employees are still within their set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Performance evaluation helps the department’s manager and the HR manager check and see if the employee is still doing the assigned job.


Creating a plan for performance management is one of the key things the company must have. The department’s manager and staff or team member should create a plan on how they are going to manage performance and achieve the department’s goal that is set by them. There are some things to consider when setting up a plan for managing staff’s performance. One is to pin point the focus of the employee’s performance. The manager and the team member should know the types of each assignment or project the member may partake in the future. Knowing the types, the team will be able to identify the best course of action, so when it happens again, that type of project or assignment will be done flawlessly in just a matter of time. Another one is the staff’s job role or description. Knowing what the staff’s role will help performance management easier. The team leader and the member could start listing several important duties down that can be included in the member’s job description is important so management of this duties will have a smooth flow.

Identifying objectives and communicating it to staff members is one of the main job of the team’s manager. Objectives may include individual and team objectives. After objective identification, the team will be able to set different goals. These goals should be able to pinpoint the list of things that can be done in order to reach set KPIs.

The team’s goals must also be in line with the company’s goals. These goals should have harmony with each other, and should not be in conflict.

After planning everything, the team should confirm the plan – if it’s good enough for the team to follow.


Planning involves the team’s manager and team members. After creating the plan for performance management, it is the sole responsibility of the manager to take this plan into action – making sure that the planned performance management is easily established within the team. The manager must ensure that the plan is implemented and that the team members are working within the set goals of the department.

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