The Do’s and Don’ts of Gaming Marketing for 2021

The video game market is MASSIVE.

Some 214 million Americans play video games according to the Entertainment Software Association. Video games have permitted all aspects of our society. From gaming tournaments, sponsorships, and more, business opportunities are boundless.

Interested? If so, press start and play into these gaming marketing strategies!

Do: Know the Games and Platforms

Gamers are geeks meaning they’re really involved with games and platforms.

Games and the community around them often become their identity. They champion their fandom and will defend it aggressively.

Companies that don’t align with the game, platform, and community stick out (big time). Not only will efforts get ignored but likely mocked, too. It will be like a disingenuous outsider forcing their way into the community.


  • Follow (hint: play) and understand the games you’re targeting
  • Integrate with the community and pick up on its nuances
  • Target the fun or practical wants from the gaming community

Doing these aligns content and video game marketing goals to audiences. Campaigns become organic, fitting the gaming community. It’s through this organic integration that a community is open to campaign messages.

Don’t: Play Into Clichés and Stereotypes

Gamers aren’t lazy bums sitting in their mom’s basements playing games all day. They aren’t overweight slobs spitting vitriol online at others and society as a whole. Gamers aren’t a one size fits all market either.

Gamers are everyone.

Unless it’s some meta-narrative, tongue-in-cheek campaign, it’s best to avoid clichés and stereotypes. Otherwise, campaigns will alienate and belittle audiences.

It’s also important not to cause divisiveness. The gaming community is very inclusive, so clichés and stereotypes aren’t fitting at all!

A lot of this goes back to knowing the games and platforms. It’s about not playing into the image that many media outlets have given gamers. It’s also realizing that many gamers are casual: kids, grandparents, and everyone between.

Do: Work with Creators and Influencers

People love watching gameplay and live streams on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. They come for the gameplay and stick around for the creator and community. It’s a very odd thing identified as parasocial relationships.

Creators and influencers command a massive following and community. Brands can tap into this influence to connect themselves to the creator and community.

  • Sponsored videos or streams are one such avenue
  • Product sponsorships are another way of always being in front of the audience

There are thousands of creators and influencers out there.

A brand doesn’t need to align with those with millions of followers to make a strong impact, either. Seek out smaller communities since many often don’t get these sponsorship opportunities. This means a brand could collaborate at great rates!

One can do this through contact inquiries via channels and platforms. Or, leverage Gaming Digital Marketing Services to make and manage the collaborative efforts.

Take Your Gaming Marketing to the Next Level

It’s an exciting time for video games, content creators, and brands.

The gaming market is growing year over year. It doesn’t appear that it’s slowing down anytime soon! Gaming marketing is, for sure, going to become an integral part of your ongoing campaigns.

Get a start today!

Leverage the gaming advertising and gamer marketing tips in this article. Then, check out more marketing tactics and guides shared on the site!

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