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The Best Tips For Creating A Outstanding Hoarding Design

When you are considering advertising hoarding, it is important to display a bold and simple message that will attract attention and get the enquiries you desire. We have created the top ten hoarding design tips that are going to help maximise awareness and boost the number of visits to your marketing suite.

Creating The Proper Budget

This is the number one thing that is going to help your creative team from the start and allow the designers the ability to create the hoarding design that is going to make the most of your budget. You will also need to consider the type of cladding you are going to use which will reflect your overall development. Dibond cladding is the best for the vast majority of developments and vinyl wrapped play is perfect for those who desire a more polished exterior.

Site Survey

In order to ensure that the hoarding will fit well with the surroundings, a site survey is recommended. This is going to take into account the permanent and gradient elements by using exact measurement that will be built into the design. You will not want a web address that is going to be obscured by a post box or some other horizontal design that simply looks messy on a hill. You will want to ensure that your survey take into such factors like structural calculations, wind loading and health and safety.

Considering The Target Market

You will need to be aware of your target market for the development which is going to help guide the overall imagery and graphics that have been selected as part of your brand, which will offer assistance in allowing them to visualise themselves in a new home.

Less Is More

You want your priority message to be the key element of the hoarding board from a distance. With that in mind, try not to clutter up the hoarding and leave plenty of space. Having a great image is going to help support your brand and always ensure that there is a clear and concise call to action and key contact information. You will need to convey a clear message in just a couple of seconds due to the fact that people will be driving past it.

Keep A Consistent Brand

It is always important to keep your hoarding design as consistent as possible with all of your other marketing efforts including websites, advertising, site signage, gantry sites and your marketing site.

Always Keep It Fresh

Every so often, it is important to make bold changes to your hoarding with new colours or images to help emphasise new development phases such as reserved plots and achieved sales. Always ensure that it is will maintained and repaired quickly if it should suffer any damages.

24/7 Advertising

Always be aware of day and night traffic and this includes foot and vehicular and ensure that your hoarding design is going to work equally hard for you are all hours and with all traffic. Kicker and header LEDs can work perfectly with this, as can lightboxes that will showcase the décor.

Place Your Logo in The Spotlight

Regardless of whether you specialise in high-end bespoke builds or are a nationwide developer, it is important that your logo is the correct scale to aid recall. You should consider ensuring that all or part of your logo features illuminated letters or a lightbox to create a striking effect.

Sell The Location

It is always wise to consider the surrounding buildings and remain sympathetic to the area while you are designing your hoarding. Always try to find a way to compliment the area in a creative manner regardless of whether it is a historical market town or urban location, create an angle which helps to sell the general unique aspect of the location.

Reach for The Sky

Typically, standard hoarding panels average 1220mm x 2440mm. However, depending upon your site design you may want to consider the additional height to corners and high footfall points, this will help the design to stand out especially when situated next to gantry signs and flagpoles.

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