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The Best Thing About Playing 5-A-Side Football With Work Colleagues

Playing football with your mates is great fun, as well as the escapism of day to day life stresses it’s also a great way to keep fit, so what’s not to love? You may be thinking about playing but be confused about where and when? Well thanks to Astroturf pitches we at least have more options available to us these days; there are plenty of venues dotted around with a variety of time slots ready for hire, day, evenings or weekends and for as long as you wish so get your mates or colleagues to come join you for a friendly fun 5-a-side football match.

Here are 4 reasons why we think you’ll love it!

  • Daytime escapism

You may be thinking how on earth can we play footy on a working day, but you can! A Lunch break kick about is ideal for boosting midday energy. When we start to feel a bit lethargic, it’s a pick me up, but if you really don’t fancy getting sweaty during work, you could always go after and make it a regular thing a couple of times a week. It’s perfect for de-stressing!

  • Kicking off

Are you sick of being bossed around at work, managers or supervisors? We all have those days, from time to time, so what better way than to get your revenge by showing whose boss on the footy field!

That’s the spirit, lighten things up, step away from your serious side, get the bosses out on the field, and let’s showcase a different set of skills. Warning/ Work banter will follow, that’s a fact! Especially if your “Hugo boss” is more super-skilled than you thought!

  • Let’s get physical

Switch your pint for a pitch! Instead of meeting up after work for a bevy, why not meet up for some footy instead? It’s a great way to improve your fitness levels and let’s face it we could all do with a bit of that, especially as we get older. Beer bellies replaced for a belly full of laughs? C’mon what’s not to love about that!

  • Socialise

5-A-side is great for socialising with your mates, we all know that! But what about those work colleagues we rarely interact with? Perhaps thought we had nothing in common with? And truth be told haven’t really made much effort with (oops!) sound relatable? 5-A-Side football is a great icebreaker, and you may gain a whole new bunch of buddies whilst you’re at it! Or you could even be helping that particular colleague who may be socially awkward and lacks friends at work. Be the good guy and include everyone.

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