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The Best Elevator Shoes For Men

The thick lift layer that enhances your height is built inside the insole in Elevator shoes; therefore, no one can notice it. Elevator shoes are 100% discreet and, for many – especially men – this is one of the main benefits of wearing them.

They come in many styles for any occasion

As we’ve seen above, Elevator shoes come in all sorts of style, from the most ordinary and informal to the most elegant and formal. This will allow you to maintain your taller look throughout the entire day whether you’re going to work, walking in the park, or attending an elegant ceremony.

They improve your self-confidence

A taller look and an improved posture will help you be more confident. First of all, if you’re not happy with your height, these shoes will give you those extra inches that help you overcome such insecurity. Second, with those additional 2 to 6 inches you get the chance to look people straight in the eye, maintaining eye contact, and walk and stand with a straight and proud posture. Elevator shoes give a bundle of benefits that all together can boost your self-confidence.

They’re comfortable

Comfort or style? In the world of fashion, it seems that you need to pick between the two. If you want to look at your best you must renounce some comfort. Elevator shoes are not like this: the thicker insole provides extra comfort, support, and shock-absorption.

They’re durable

Elevator shoes are constructed with additional material when compared to regular shoes. Furthermore, the insole is thicker and therefore more durable than regular ones. These couple of factors makes Elevator shoes more durable than regular shoes.

While Elevator shoes usually are more expensive than regular shoes, they’re still the most affordable and discreet option to improve both your height and posture. Furthermore, the fact that they’re durable makes the investment even more worth it.

Elevator shoes are the top solution for anyone who’s not happy with their height. They’re stylish, they’re discreet, and they are a non-permanent and affordable improvement to your appearance. We hope that with this article we’ve made it easier for you to purchase your next pair of Elevator shoes.

Conclusion: should I wear elevator shoes?

GuidoMaggi unrivaled range of elevator shoes is industry-leading and designed and created with only the finest Italian materials. As pioneers, GuidoMaggi is transforming the footwear industry’s direction and providing an excellent solution for those looking for elevator shoes to help improve our confidence and self-esteem at home and in our work lives.


If you wish to find out if GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are for you, you can visit our website and look at the different styles available. You can also visit one of our showrooms and try on many of the different types of shoes so you can get a feel for what is most appropriate for you. Whatever you decide, if you elect to purchase a pair of elevator shoes from GuidoMaggi, you can be sure that they will be of exceptional quality, design, and made from only the finest materials.

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