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The Benefits Of Choosing Good Life Competitions Over Any Other Competition Provider

We are here to provide you with opportunities like no other which can truly change your life forever. Sometimes competitions and giveaway really can seem to good to be true and unfortunately, sometimes that is the case. With Good Life there is no need to worry but, the real question is… why should you enter a Good Life Competition?

Easy process

Follow our step by step easy process. Make an account by registering and then login. You can then choose how many tickets you want to purchase. At the moment, we are running an EXCLUSIVE COMPETITION wherein you have the chance to WIN A LUXURY CAR OF YOUR CHOICE! We have a simple ticket purchase process and you can increase your likelihood of winning by purchasing more tickets!


Sometimes it can be hard to trust competitions and giveaways, some seem too good to be true, right? We can guarantee that your entry is 100% protected & we announce our winners in a LIVE DRAW on Facebook, so you do not need to worry about competition scams! Our competitions are fully monitored by Promo Veritas so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Winner, winner!

Did you know that if you enter a Good Life Competition you are 11,000 times more likely to win than you are if you entered the lottery? This means that if you bought just TWO TICKETS, you’d be 22,000 times more likely to win! Ultimately, our competitions are fair and realistic. Ticket prices are set at just £14.99 which yes, seems much more expensive than a lotto entry BUT… are you EVER going to win the lottery? Probably not. Did you know that if you enter into a draw where you choose 6 numbers of 49 numbers, you have 1 shot in almost 14 million of winning? In other words… it’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! Good Life Competitions accept less than 4000 entries per competition, we like to keep our competitions very exclusive and to a closed group to give people the best possible opportunity of winning.

car_2.jpg (4166×2808)

Life of LUXURY


The aim of our competitions is to provide people with a realistic chance of winning a luxury item that could truly change their life. How does a new luxury car sound? Yes, it may not be 400 million on the Euro Millions but is this realistic? Without entering you could be missing out of being one of the few in the exclusive group that have the chance of winning a Mercedes, Bentley or even a Porsche! We have so many other upcoming competitions so if a new car doesn’t tickle your fancy… stay tuned!

It’s your choice

In our competitions we like to provide a choice. Yes, you might love the thought of a new car but maybe a sports model isn’t for you and an urban car may be better suited? In our current competition we have 3 different models available to win and the best part is… you will win the car of YOUR CHOICE! So an entry isn’t going to win you any old car… it will win you THE car of YOUR dreams.

Automotive3-1.jpg (1600×1200)

If you want to find out more about the different models up for grabs, there are further details on our website & we have another blog which will tell you more about this too!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and GOOD LUCK!

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