Sunglasses And Glasses In One Frame Through Transition Lenses

Most people these days are working. The schedules of most of the people have changed and so is their lifestyle. Even their health has also changed. The food habits have also changed. Many people do not take care of their health and thus face problems.

Similarly, not taking care of health, not having proper food affects our eyes as well. Having proper food and exercise can help to maintain our body health.

Glasses changing ideas

When people go out both in summer and winter they wear sunglasses. It becomes difficult to carry both glasses and sunglasses and interchange in need. Some people wear prescription glasses or buy prescription glasses online then have to change their sunglasses lenses.

So for people who want versatility and more frames may find it difficult to buy both all the time. Thus, it becomes costly and may exceed the budget. In that case, there is a great option where one can get two in one. This means that we can buy glasses that turn into sunglasses.

Isn’t it sounding a bit confusing? Well, it might be. But it is the best solution one can find. Some like to wear the same frames as they get attached to their frames. So they get an option of reglazing their glasses. All this means that one can reglaze the glasses by changing them into photochromic or transition lenses.

What exactly are photochromic or transition lenses?

Transition lenses or photochromic lenses are the types of lenses that darken in the sunlight and lighten in light and dark. These glasses have been very popular for more than a decade. These glasses work both as glasses and sunglasses, especially for the ones who wear prescription glasses. Getting two in one can help people to save their money.

Photochromic lenses are relatively costly than other regular glasses. But it also has a benefit of the two. People going out for work every day and also wearing glasses, can buy these glasses. These glasses will make a person look smart and also will be very useful.

There are certain pros and cons of transition lenses. Though the pros outweigh the cons, still we need to be careful while we buy these lenses. Some of the pros and cons are-


  • It is very cost-effective. One can save money by buying these lenses. These lenses help people from buying normal glasses and sunglasses at the same time. They can get photochromic lenses in their frame.
  • It is very convenient to carry. We can wear these glasses as sunglasses and can still read and drive.
  • It can limit the risk of losing glasses. When we carry more things, sometimes we might lose one because of our carelessness. But if we are carrying a few things but a compact one, then there is less chance of losing an item. Thus, it is better to carry only one pair of glasses instead of carrying two pairs of glasses.
  • They do more good to our eyes. These glasses block the harmful UV rays emitting from the sun and keep our eyes healthy and fine.
  • These offer different styles of frames. Even these provide different tints which one finds suitable for the eyes.

With the pros, there are always some cons to it. We must know both to proceed further. Some of the cons are-


  • These are not very effective while driving. It might not darken well in the car.
  • Another cons is that different brands have different darkened shades of the lenses which might not be suitable for all. We should consult a doctor before buying the correct shade of glasses.
  • These lenses react late to the UV rays in the winters and thus are not much suitable during the winters.
  • These glasses are not polarized. Thus we should consult a doctor before buying these lenses.

Thus we find that people who wear both glasses and sunglasses can switch to photochromic lenses not only to save money but also to look smart and stylish. And last but not the least, we should consult a doctor before buying these lenses.

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