SOUL: Teas, Coffees, and Health Foods

SOUL – Twickenham is not just a coffee shop. According to the company’s goal is to provide your staple foods and meals, but SOUL do so in a healthy way. SOUL wants to create a unique coffee shop and eat culture because it is important to treat our bodies and minds well.

Feel free to grab a sandwich if you’re hungry – we have healthy, filling vegan and gluten-free options. All of SOUL’s products, including our delicious pastries, are accessible to vegans as well as those who are gluten-free.

What’s The Story?

SOUL is the latest brand of Possible Green Ltd. We have been trading since 2014 around the world. LIFETONE brand is highly present online including popular marketplaces such as Amazon. Wholesale customers include Canada, Germany, Oman, and the US. Possible Green Ltd was initially funded by USAID and GIZ (German Government’s Official donors) for a women empowerment program.
They envisioned SOUL as an alternative eating culture, where you can feel like you’re at home while eating and drinking items that are professionally, but lovingly prepared.

Health Food For All

As a social enterprise, SOUL coffee, tea, and health food aren’t unaffordable. SOUL’s goal is to share the profit with all our staff, while maintaining food quality and keeping affordable prices.


Almost all of our coffees are organically certified. Our blend of 100% Arabica coffee is carefully crafted to preserve its flavour and aroma. SOUL os widely regarded as providing quality coffee, and our customers describe our coffee as delicious and aromatic.

Website :
Name and address : SOUL, 149, Heath Road, Twickenham, TW1 4BH
Phone : 02079988645s

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