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Social Media for Dummies

The events of 2020 have solidified the importance of social media, new media, and digital literacy. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. Social media sites like these three have been in vogue for many years and are becoming even more relevant. 


Articles like this one are crucial to help beginners navigate the waters. Here, we introduce you to the basics of social media basics and how to use them if you’re new to the social media world. 

What is Social Media? 

Social media is an online space where people communicate, socialize, create, and publish content. The content can be visual, written, audio, video, or a blend of the contemporary communication forms. 

You can use social media personally with friends and family or as part of your business strategy.

How to Use Social Media 

From business promotions; to networking and events; and even job hunting. The social media space is a haven for many physical activities that have gone digital. 


Studies show that 37% of consumers make purchases due to ads first seen on social media. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are the top sites used by marketers and entrepreneurs to reach prospective customers, partners, and investors. Think of it as a digital corporate trick or treating


You can also use social media to sell yourself, your qualifications, and achievements by creating a website and putting yourself out there for potential employers. You can get a professionally designed website in less than a day and for less than the price of a steak dinner!


Another way to utilize social media is to create a blog and regularly make blog posts. This will attract visitors interested in your blog topics and can get some advertisement dollars into your purse. 


Social media is also a good source for news and practical information. A 2019 study showed that 52% of Americans get their news from social media.

3 Effective Tips on How to Become a Social Media Pro

1. Social Media Marketing Ebooks   

Is your primary aim on social media marketing and brand awareness? Then your BBF should be social media marketing ebooks. Get help from the experts who understand social media marketing metrics and can guide you on this journey. You will find such expert advice in social media marketing ebooks.

2. Be Active

Social media websites have algorithms that determine which content is seen. Active and intentional engagement puts your page or website in the view, making it a magnet for visitors with similar interests to yours. This is a way to increase your exposure and organically grow your social media influence.

3. Publish Relatable Content

Suppose you own a blog, website, or online channel. In that case, you should consistently publish relatable, informative, educative, and humorous content. Start with a topic you know and love. You will discover a target audience and can build that community of followers and subscribers.

Final Thoughts

No one is born a guru of any skill. If you do not want to remain a social media dummy or beginner, we recommend you get up and get working. 


Intentionally and actively seek out ways to exercise your new social media skills. Read articles, take courses, and commercialize your online presence. In no time, you will be completely comfortable online, perhaps even a Pro!


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