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Should you use BusinessWire, PRWeb or Sitetrail for SEO?

Can press release providers actually help you with search engine optimization and if yes how can they do that.

We attempt to tackle the controversial subject of using press releases to improve SEO in the below article while at the same time giving some insight on what each platform has to offer in terms of SEO. With expert predictions of what SEO may look like in 2021 it is fair to say that choosing the best press release platform is more important than ever.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used when you want your content to rank high on search engine results for a specific keyword. The whole process has many steps and approaches in order to achieve optimisation and press releases for SEO is one of these approaches that can help your content attain a higher ranking and become more visible.

Press releases are used when a business or brand wants to draw attention to a specific event or new product or generally when there is an announcement of some sort and you want to get more traffic to your site and media coverage.

Keep in mind that press releases don’t really create direct SEO value to the actual content you are producing by writing a press release; they create indirect value by building your backlink profile and helping create more awareness around your brand, service or product. You are not interested in creating more visibility for your press release; you are using it as a means to promote yourself. Through the use of news media channels that distribute your content and create links back to your website with fresh content. Press releases take on the same role as a blog post but in a more structured way.

A rule of thumb is to keep it to 1 keyword anchor and 1 naked URL in order to rank your content for the intended keyword without trying to stuff keywords into your press release with duplicate anchors and content. Duplication and keyword stuffing is something that should be avoided at all costs and your content should be unique in order not to get penalized by Google.

There are many press release platforms that can offer SEO for press releases with varying prices and services as this depends on what you are looking for in terms of cost and if you just need a platform to distribute your releases or if you also require a professional writer to write them for you.

Below we put PR Newswire VS PRWeb VS Businesswire to the test and compare some of the SEO targeted services that they have to offer side by side but you can always read a more in depth comparison on the Sitetrail site.

Business Wire

Business Wire is a popular press release platform that offers more curated services to larger companies such as financial institutions and advocacy groups that have stricter rules about how they need their press release to be structured.

This sur-mesure approach they have means that their press releases tend to be on the pricier side and their platform also has a steep learning curve especially in the beginning but they do offer many useful tips on press release writing and how to optimize your content to be SEO friendly.

Perhaps not the best choice if you are just starting your business and are on a budget but they do have wide media reach. Also all submissions will be labelled as press releases and they do not have authentic news authorship.

PR Web

This platform also has strong media coverage and is especially well known for its exceptional social media presence that can help boost content visibility with links from social media platforms that can improve your website’s SEO.

This platform works best for small businesses and people that are just starting out and want to build some awareness for their brand as costs are on the low side and coverage is quite good.

On the down side they too label all submissions as press releases and lack authentic news authorship.


Siterail is the all-out winner with both distribution and the ability to provide editorial coverage. Sitetrail is a press release platform that successfully brings the best of both worlds together by offering exceptional media coverage and professional writing expertise at the same time.

As underscored above unique editorial content is imperative if you want to create content that won’t be penalized by search engines and that will give value to customers and readers making them want to share your content. Also high quality original content has the potential of attracting earned media which will increase traffic and visibility to your site through the indirect SEO value that press releases have to offer.

Everyone can benefit from unique content and SEO, especially e-commerce sites, B2B services, Amazon storefronts and basically any website that wants to create fresh and unique content for a new product or service or other event through press releases and SEO.

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