Selecting the Best Temporary Staffing Agency in Portland

Do you ever visit Portland? Well, this city is well known as the most populous city of Oregon, United States of America. Portland is a metropolitan city. It has been known as the center of economics in Oregon. The growth of the economy is considered the fastest throughout the federal state. It makes some big companies from some industries built their office in Portland. Since the international and national company have the office in Portland, the demand for employee or staffs is quite high. The office needs to hire a skilled company so that they can run the company correctly. The office may hire some types of staff such as temporary staffing, executive, and permanent staff. Each type of staff has a contract.

However, to get the skilled staff, the company needs to create the right and selective recruiting process. How to do it? First, the company needs to decide which job position and its job description. Then, the company needs to decide the requirements for the candidate. After that, the company should make the announcement and advertisement of the job vacancy. The company also needs to conduct the selection process from the screening CV, interviewing, and checking the references. Well, all those processes require a lot of time. In addition, the company needs to split the focus of the HR Division to do all the selection process. Some companies with a lot of staff may able to do it. However, for some offices, it will be better for them to ask the bits of help of the staffing agency. What is a staffing agency?

Well, the staffing agency is a firm that mainly focuses on helping the company in the recruitment process. The staffing agency will make the selection process for the new staff instead of the company. So, the company doesn’t need to do the long process of recruitment. The company just needs to tell the staffing agency about the job position, job description, and the requirements. Then, the staffing agency will do everything about the selection process. Some of the staffing agencies also offer the service of temporary staffing recruitment. It is suitable for the company who need temporary staff for some jobs in an urgent condition. In Portland, some staffing agencies provide any kind of services. One of them is Scion Staffing. Well, this staffing agency has been decided as the best of temp agency Portland. Why?

The first reason is the wide area of Scion Staffing. This agency can serve staffing matters in some cities such as Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and other areas in the USA. Scion Staffing also has a long experience in dealing with many problems related to the staffing process. Therefore, this firm can serve the company well. Scion Staffing also offers a fast process of recruitment. They will create a team that consists of some professionals in each field. The professional member of the recruitment team will ensure that only the best and the skilled candidate will be selected. Moreover, Scion Staffing also has some specialization fields from the law, medicine, accounting, and other fields.

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