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Right Application Process of Vinyl Lettering for High-End Longevity

After giving it quite some thought, you have decided to invest some of your business money in making vinyl letters. It can be anything from any business quote, wall words, and part of the vehicle graphics, or anything you want. However, before you plan to invest some money and get the letters printed, it is better to check out some points. Look for the companies supplying test pieces with every order so that you can use them to practice before moving forward with your own vinyl signs.

  • Remember that vinyl must be applied in any wind-free environment. Make sure that you have room temperature when you are placing the vinyl lettering.
  • Moreover, the surface where you are going to place the stickers must be dust-free and clean.
  • Be very specific not to touch the adhesive backing. The oil from your skin can ruin the adhesion.
  • On the other hand, never apply the vinyl letters on fresh paint. Let the paint dry for three weeks minimum before application of the letters.

Be Sure to Clean your Surface:

It is true that you have invested quite some money to make vinyl lettering. So, you don’t want to waste that money by not managing the vinyl letters well. Once you are sure of the placement of these letters, be sure to focus on the cleanliness and dryness of the surface region.

  • Well, it does not mean using the sweatshirt sleeve for cleaning the glass door before applying the letters.
  • Make sure to take some time to clean the surface properly and then use the help of a proper cleaner for the task.

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  • For any glass or plastic surface region, some cleaners like Windex will be a good call to address.
  • On the other hand, for exterior or metal surfaces, you can try using the solvent cleaner for a change.
  • In case you are dealing with the painted areas like walls, then opt for a mild household cleaner for removing dirt and dust from the surface.

Make sure to not go overboard and then rinse the surface if you feel like there is a residue leftover after cleaning. Always be sure to dry out the surface or let it air dry for a good time.

Proper Placement of the Vinyl Lettering:

Always remember that vinyl lettering will come sandwiched between two sheets of paper. The first layer is called the mask layer, followed by the vinyl lettering and then the backing portion, which you will stick to the surface. Make sure to measure the graphic and then hold it onto the surface. Be sure to decide where you want the lettering to go and then use a tape measure to line things up correctly. Measurement is really important before you place the vinyl lettering.

Choose the Lettering from the right Team:

If you are looking for lettering for the first time, be sure to get it done by professionals. There will be no room for mistakes. So, be sure of the company before making a choice.

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