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Pyronix Cloud Subscription – Why You Must Consider Pyronix To Secure Your Premises

Pyronix Cloud Subscription

Pyronix offers a wide range of security systems, both for businesses and homes. It sells both wireless and wired security alarm, and also has hybrid versions available that are a combination of both these options. The systems are integrated with anti-mask detectors which are useful in detecting if someone is trying to cover up the sensors or not, and if so, it will set the alarm off.

With its amazing motion detection technology, you can conveniently adjust the sensitivity depending on where they have been installed. Some of the alarms are made available with tags/keyfobs, which allow you to set and even turn off the alarm using a wireless key, so you do not really need to input a Pin to operate it. Moreover, it comes with a wide range of smart alarms and dialer that you can monitor and control remotely from your tablet or Smartphone using the ProControl+.

The ProControl+ helps alert you, no matter where you are if there is an issue in the premises. There are several different smart security systems out there today that allow you to enjoy this feature – eventually offering you with a lot more convenience.

Pyronix has been in the business for more than 30 years and has now become a part of the Hikivision Group, which has a specialty in video surveillance. Though mainly UK based, Pyronix sells it security equipment worldwide.

Pyronix Cloud Subscription allows you to connect your ProControl security app and offer highly secure encryption. The Pyronix Cloud serves as a gateway between the Enforcer ProControl Panel and the HomeControl App. The cloud is hosted with Health Monitoring by making use of the load balance technology and Amazon Web services.

Working as an online management program for the ProControl system, the Pyronix Cloud is beneficial in controlling the access between the panels and the ProControl app. This allows you to easily activate and deactivate the program users available on the system. It also helps authenticate.

Push notifications can also be controlled via Pyronix Cloud Subscription. With different events that may happen on the system, users can easily customize the notifications they receive as they happen.

Pyronix Cloud allows users to monitor the existence of the Enforcer ProControl panel via polling, which happens every 8 minutes over IP communications that are quite secure. However, it can be easily altered via Pyronix Cloud Subscription which mainly depends on the network quality.

By subscribing to a Pyronix Cloud Subscription, there is no onsite setup of network connection configuration or static IP addresses. Browse through for more details.

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