Project Management and Prince 2 Universal Skills

The 21st century is completely under the influence of technology. Many business houses handle a lot of projects nowadays, technology has simplified project management. Prince 2 is the best formula for project management.  Prince2 stands for Projects in Controlled Environment.

Prince 2 is a structured project management method. It emphasizes on dividing each project into multiple controllable stages. Several countries like the UK and Australia have adopted Prince2. Prince2 is an essential skill that project management courses teach for project management.

Got confused between PMP Vs Prince 2 certification. Then this article is mean to you. Read till End For More Clarification

Project management training has become widely popular. Project management professionals are widely paid. Project management needs certain skills to be successful. A few necessary skills for project management are as follows-

1. Tech-Savvy

Project management professionals need to be tech-savvy. Technology is the backbone of any project, so a project manager must take a technology management course to catch up to the growing technology. Project Libre is a classic example of project management software. Project Libre desktop is a free project management software. It is the perfect substitute for Microsoft Project online.

The project management professionals need to be tech-savvy enough to handle such diverse project management software. Another project management software named Primavera helps in analysing risks and collaboration with teammates.  Microsoft Project is the best example of project management software. It helps a project manager form a schedule, manage the budget, track the progress of the budget, and analyse the workload.

The project managers may also use Microsoft Project to assign tasks to their teammates. Several industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, finance, retail and manufacturing depend on Microsoft Project. The Project software costs reasonably low.

2. Tools:

The project management professionals need to use several best tools for managing projects. Project management training consists of several certifications. The project management courses have several certifications.

Any PMO depends upon Freed camp. Freed camp is the perfect project management solution for organizations and groups. Kanban flow is an online project management tool. It helps the program manager collaborate with his or her team members. Kanban assures online delivery, without putting too much pressure on the teammates.

3. Methods-

The project management courses give a lot of importance on simplifying the responsibilities. Lack of organization and a proper method has an adverse impact on the work.

Project management professionals lay a good deal of stress on being methodical and organized. Prince2 is of great help in this context.  Prince2 by AXELOS LTD is a flexible and adaptable method for project management. The Prince2 methodology is the globally accepted standard for project management across the United Kingdom.

The Prince2 Foundation exam teaches the candidates about the Prince2 terms and principles. The Prince2 Foundation course helps people become informed members of project management teams. Prince2 certified project management professionals are more methodical than their non-certified counterparts.

Prince2 certification plays an important role in acquiring efficient and qualified candidates. The candidates need to have a basic understanding of project management to appear for the Prince2 project management Foundation course.

Methodical project management professionals have their reports in order. They do not need to waste time looking for reports and data. So, organized and methodical project management professionals have a higher chance of making their projects successful.

An Agile certified professional is also known for being methodical. The Project Management Institute awards people with PMI-ACP certificate. ACP stands for Agile Certified Professional.

Project tracker is another method of project management. It helps the stakeholders track the progress of activities followed in project management. It helps project managers deal with problems quickly, and track a project from the beginning.

A project tracker helps the project managers make a decision successfully. They may identify the issues immediately. PDUs or Professional Development Units are hourly blocks of time. People use these blocks of time teaching others or sharpening their skills. People who are interested in retaining their PMI credentials appear for this certification.

Scrum Project management is another method of project management. It manages software delivery It gives a lightweight process framework.

4. Certified professionals

Several project training institutes offer a variety of courses. Agile certified Practitioner is one of the most certified project management certifications.

Project management professionals who use the Agile methodology in their projects need to go in for the Agile certification. The certified professionals are able to chalk out the project methodology.

The scope of management is vast. The Project Management Institute awards this degree to deserving candidates. Any project manager would want to pursue PMP certification. PMP stands for Project Management certification. The candidates need to recertify every three years.

They may retake the exam thrice each year. A few options for clearing these certifications are as follows-

  • Listening to podcasts about project management
  • Provide presentations
  • Watch webinars
  • Volunteering with PMI
  • Complete the approved reading

The PMP certification proves the capability to the owners. The PMP certificate adds weight to the resume and makes a job easier to find. Certified PMP professionals earn a lot lesser than their non-certified counterparts.

5. Risk Management

Any project involves a certain level of risk. The project management system needs to mitigate or eliminate the risk completely. A Six Sigma project management is of greatest help in this context.

CAPM certification is another entry-level program for project management professionals. The PMI awards this certificate to deserving candidates who have little experience. The Project Management Institute also offers the PMP certification.

The PMP certified professionals have opportunity in different sectors. Articles, blogs, resources, job postings, and multiple discounts on insurance help people clear the exams. Program managers seek the CAPM Certification.

The basic formulas of project management and proper sequence of processes for projects are helpful for the PMP certification.  Any IT project needs project managers. PRINCE 2 is an essential skill for any professional project manager. A PMP course needs to be followed by an exam.


People who want to get certified in project management must go through project management training PPT.

Project Management is a highly customizable project management system. It ensures that all the projects are logged into a centralized database. Jira project management system makes all the projects go through several processes. It is a great tool through which tools collaborate.

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