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Popular Brand Associated Cyber Attacks You Need Protection From

Cybercrime – a canker of internet, every person needs protection from it and with the advancement in the technology, the cybercrime is getting all the more sophisticated and refined making it even harder to detect and prevent it. Cybercrime has damaged lots of brands and businesses in the past and even today these criminals are manipulating the internet for their own gains.

Brands are always at high risk of cyber-attacks because of the scope of their business and the margin of benefit the attackers can get. Not even a single brand today stands a chance against these cyber-attacks with the classified techniques criminals are using. Your only hope may be to identify the types of currently active attacks and prevent and control it in a timely manner before any major damage is done to your business.

Popular Brand Associated Cyber Attacks:

Some of the most popular forms of cyber-attacks that brands are not finding way to escape from are the phishing scams and the malware attacks. Let us find out about these two in detail:

  1. Phishing Scams:

Phishing is an attempt to gain sensitive information such as login credentials or bank account information like passwords and credit card details often for malicious purposes. Such an attack is done by sending links of disguised website links masquerading as an authentic one in the email tricking users to enter their details. This process is known as spoofing. Some of the attacks which falls under the category of phishing scam are whaling, CEO fraud, BEC scam, etc.

  1. Malware Attacks:

Malware attacks usually occur through an intrusion software which is installed on the victim’s system in order to steal information from the user or block the user altogether. Some brand associated malware attacks are quite harmful for the reputation of the organization as some confidential information is stolen from their systems which may cause damage to the brand as a whole. Some popular forms of malware attacks include spyware, viruses, worm, Trojan horse, adware, etc.

These two attacks can cause financial damage to the brand as well as the reputational damage. The customer trust may also be destroyed by poor service and negative impact of the brand which may ultimately affect your business profits. It is always best to stay alert at all times to get notified when someone is trying to use your brand name or logo to register a domain.

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