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Pest Control Management In London

We cover all aspects of pest control for residential and commercial properties specializing in mice care, moth control for London area. Our experts have been delivering high-quality pest control services in London for more than a decade.

Heat treatment

The eradication of bedbugs with pesticides has become increasingly difficult due to changes in the regulations and chemical resistance. This thing is why antibiotics were the only way to eliminate plague infestations. During the hot season, we remove butterflies, moths, and several other pests. Though the sun reaches deep into your clothes and tapestries, there are no plagues. Our pesticide experts take the appropriate steps to ensure that your entire property is safe.

Pest Management London-Mice

In London and neighbouring counties, we provide a full pest control service. Our mouse control service offers mouse proofing with one year guarantee. People who fear mice should choose the most convenient way possible to mouse proof – this is the best way to keep them away from their homes. Our mice control facilities in London include prevention, 3-tier treatment, and rodent examination. In conjunction with long-term results for a complete solution with pesticide safety in mind. If left unchecked, the number of mice could double every two months as the presence of mouse droppings.

Step 1

The first phase in our rodent control is mice treatment. We remove all mice in your house at this stage, typically with two kinds of bait to get the best quality.

Step 2

The second phase consists of a one-year guarantee and a comprehensive mouse proofing service. You can order it within six months of our first visit. We block 100% of your house’s access points to keep mice away and prevent them from returning. Having pest control in London is the surest way to remain free of mouse for your home and company.

Block any entry points

The easiest way to prevent mice is to prevent them from coming in. The best way to produce the best long-term results is to block any entry from your home, both internally and externally. Mice tend to spread from property to property using pipes and gaps in walls and floors. If you have a mouse outbreak, you will also find droppings under your kitchen. Mouse baiting is a much better way of handling pesticides in these areas. The reason is that children and animals should not have an excessive appetite. Mice can also visit other building pieces. To exterminate mice, our professional mouse exterminators will decide whether other areas should be handled. In other words, bait should not be put in living areas, and bait should not be placed in bedrooms – even if droppings occur.

Guarantee of One Year

Mice mainly access houses following the piping. They can contaminate food and surfaces once in a living room. We can preserve them in the building by sealing all access points. Whenever you have children, elderly or vulnerable individuals, please consider our mouse inspection service with a 1-year guarantee.

What is the mouse’s best method of extermination?

Therefore, using a highly appetising bait is critical. We use a single bait based on second-generation anticoagulants. Every poisons are only as good as what it is mixed up with. That’s why we use the very effective canary seed and peanut butter bait over easy pasta bait or whole-grain wheat.

How do you know when an infestation with the mouse is over?

You might wonder if after the treatment and testing are complete, the rodents are around the kitchen. How will the mice leave your property in London with competent pesticides? Please read our guide on the essence of our mouse population for our Inoculand pesticide control. Find out more about Inoculand Pest Control

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