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Paving Stones vs Porcelain Paving

Natural stone paving is very common to use to beautify the outdoor places like patio etc. Porcelain paving are used at the places where there is a need to make the floor waterproof. In this way, there are a lot of differences that help in selecting the right paver for your place. Here are some significant features that will help in differentiating between these paving slabs.

Durability and strength

Stone paving being naturally occur used by many projects for years. Natural stone paving stones are the oldest ones and these stones are still in good condition for many years. In this way, paving stones are durable and have good strength which could retain for many years. Natural stone paving can suit all the weather because of its natural occurrence and its shape and nature could be similar that’s why it is used by a lot of commercial and domestic projects. In natural stones, granite is considered as the strongest stone. Where there is more load or heavy wear tear, a thicker slab of this paving stone can be used. This stone is choosing for traffic areas or commercial use. This stone wears down with time very slowly proves very much durable among the other paving stones.

The porcelain paving stones are not naturally occurring. These paving stones are made by mixing sand with minerals and clay and then baked at a very high temperature. This main thing in these paving stones is its quality which comes with very high durability. It is very tough and can be used in heavy traffic areas. Only 20mm thick slab of this paving stone is enough to bear the load of commercial vehicles. These are non-porous and very hard to wear down. These are harder and can withstand in every temperature and every environment.

Maintenance and Longevity

Natural stones need very much care to be maintained. It needs to seal its surface to avoid any type of stains. There are a lot of sealants in the market which are used for this purpose. These sealants don’t let the paving stones to stick stains or algae. Everyone has his way of sealing the stones. It needs to seal after every 1-2 years depending upon the surface wear and tear. With time, its sealing gets damage and then there needs to seal again.

In the case of vitrified porcelain paving stones, there is no need to seal the surface because it has an artificial texture that could never be damage. These types of paving stones don’t let any stains to stick onto it. By using these stones, the cross-flow of moisture can be stopped by its porcelain nature. There is no need to worry about the rainwater or any other type of issue regarding the seepage. Any type of dirt and the stains can be removed for its surface by using a cloth. It is very convenient to maintain its life for years without wondering about anything. Briefly, porcelain paving can save a lot of time in the very long run.

Finishes and Colors

Natural stones are a completely organic thing that comes with a lot of beautiful variants. It has a different texture and veins. These textures vary from tile to tile. Every tile has a unique color, texture, and pattern of veins. It is hardly possible to get the same pattern on two tiles. But its natural beauty seems so fine.   Some stones are lighter in shade but some have a dark tone. These stones come with their beauty with a classical tone. There are riven sandstone, sawn limestone, or flamed natural granite stones used by many patios. These are the stone paving’s that come with unique beautiful colors, shades, and textures.

The porcelain paving stones are made artificially is made in a similar pattern. Each tile of these paving stones has a similar texture. These stones are designed to look like the natural stones that overcome the use of the natural paving stones. Porcelain paving also has eye-catching textures that will look exactly like the natural stone paving. There is an edge in using these stone paving that they can be made as per our requirements. There are black, white, silver, grey, or many colors and variants in these types of paving. There is also an alternative to the granite stone in the porcelain paving, which has the same color and texture exactly looks like the granite.

Thus, we can say that porcelain is very much stronger than natural stones and can be beneficial in the very long run. The only thing is not its durability but also it is available in very beautiful designs and textures. Porcelain stone paving is also beneficial in moisture control. While the natural paving needs to be sealed that needs to be resealed after a few years. But the natural stones are eye-catching it needs to be maintained for its beauty. It is also durable but not more than the artificial paving. It is very necessary to find out the preference for your patio. It can help in selecting the right paving.  It is important to look through the requirements first. Where there is a need for more durable without worrying about the maintenance, porcelain paving stones could be considered but if there is a need to beautify with the natural look and some classical tone of your patio, you can consider the natural stone paving.

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