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Nomos Glashutte Watches: Topnotch and Most-Rated Nomos Watches

When it comes to fashion and dignity, Nomos Glashütte Company has outstandingly shared its versatility with millions of watch enthusiasts all over the world. Roland Schwertner formed the Nomos Glashütte company in 1990, two months after the famed Berlin Wall fell, with its headquarters in Glashütte, Germany.

Nomos Company only produced hand-wound mechanical watches during its early years, with their first series created by designer Susanne Günther in the German Bauhaus style. Because of their unwavering dedication, the first Nomos automatic watch was released in 2005. Here are some of the top-notch and most-rated Nomos watches.

Nomos Orion

As an authentic elegance, the Nomos Orion watch has all of the features that complement any unique look. On the exterior, this Nomos Glashutte watch has been artfully refined with appealing curves all over, all of which complement the delicate ageless lines that flatter every eye.

There’s something to it. This German timepiece features a beautiful domed sapphire crystal display on the front. Which accurately outlines its tempered blue hands on each of the galvanized/golden/diamond-polished dials.

A Nomos Orion with an ultra-thin DUW 3001 caliber is also available for automation enthusiasts. Though its wearer enjoys an automated tick, Nomos Glashütte’s innovativeness is shown by this accuracy, as well by its overall dynamics. Which, on the run, has been lauded with a slew of awards.

For automation enthusiasts, a Nomos Orion with an ultra-thin DUW 3001 caliber is also available. This precision and overall dynamics show that its wearer enjoys an artificial tick, Nomos Glashütte’s innovativeness. And, though on the run, it has earned a host of awards.

Nomos AHOI

Nomos Ahoi, a strong and beautifully designed game, adds a humorous and memorable experience to your favorite adventure. But with a great sense of style and the ability to keep time easily. This watch is perfect for sports fans. And it has everything you hoped for in previous wristwatches. If you want to break Ahmed Gabr’s dive record, this watch will keep you on track.

The watch has been engineered to be highly water-resistant, with six screws tightly holding it on the back and two crown guards, enabling you to dive up to 200 meters under the surface! Furthermore, with the superluminova coating given, the Nomos Ahoi watch ensures that you can monitor your time even in the dark waters by using its flashing hands.

On the other hand, its cloth harness has been perfectly engineered with the prestigious beauty of France, along with a Nomos stainless steel fastener, all of which guarantee a seamless fit on the wrist. Nomos Company has produced Ahoi watches in many models and styles for an authentic German taste to ensure you have the right one for your trend.

Classic Nomos Tangente

Beginning with its confident nature, this timepiece has garnered a high rating among its customers, thus showering its designers with multiple awards. Its one-of-a-kind architecture has inspired many, especially Bauhaus art enthusiasts. Since it is one of the oldest Nomos watches, it embodies the ideals of true leader nature.

Nomos Tangente watches often show a slight tick, even when equipped with an automatic caliber or the neomatik caliber, renowned for its most outstanding accuracy. As with the Tangente Neomatik 41 Update’s automatic DUW 6101 caliber. Apart from being of the highest quality, Nomos Tangente is not only available in black and white.

The timepiece is also offered in midnight blue, green, and the dazzling Champagne hue. Furthermore, the German watch is available in different sizes ranging from 33 millimeters to 41 millimeters. The Nomos Tangente watch, unlike other classic models of Nomos calibers, is fitted with movements that have date functions and display a power reserve indicator.

Unpretentious Nomos Club

Despite its versatility, this German watch features superlative calibers handcrafted by Nomos’ best artisans. Depending on your preferences, you can conveniently obtain the Nomos Club with your preferred caliber inside – whether it is a hand-wound or an automatic watch. Either one has been uniquely molded to help ensure the wrist has a genuine Nomos ticking.

Although retaining its sportier, more youthful appearance, Nomos Club has also been enhanced with distinct features that would appeal to everyone. For example, in the Campus and Aqua series, the model’s hands have been covered with superluminova, allowing you to say the time even in the thick darkness of the jungle at night.

Furthermore, to add to its youthful radiance, Nomos Glashütte has outfitted it with a solid sapphire crystal glass and a memorable stainless steel shell. It’s a remarkable case, and there’s a lovely note engraved on the back to leave a lasting impression. Nomos Club, like the Nomos Ahoi, is water tolerant with its Nomos Aqua series model.


Nomos Glashütte is a 170-year-old German watchmaker. Nomos Glashütte watches are all high-quality timepieces with a vintage vibe. Their best watch ranges are plain and sophisticated in design. Among the selections are Tangente, Ahoi, Orion, and the Unpretentious Nomos club.

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